Friday, February 5, 2010

Day after Christmas- playing with the gerbils!

Since we were home and didn't have anywhere we had to be, we took it easy and spent the day playing with our new toys, games, and the gerbils.

Here's what our set up started out as:

Snowball peaking out of the nesting material:

Midnight saying Hello:

MD and AC watching them move about the two cages:

MD in front of the cage with Midnight in the background:

AC and Midnight:

KT and Midnight:

It turned out that Snowball is the most inquisitive and friendly one, as well as the one with the most smarts. Midnight seems to be the daredevil and ready to takeon anything, new tubes, try new things. Twilight, seems to be the very cautious and reserved one. She was rather shy of people from the beginning but is now starting to come around.