Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eh, its morning....I

'm tired, beyond tired at this point. We kept him up until 3pm yesterday so we could give him his next dose of codeine. He fought it like the dickens and didnt want it, saying it tasted yucky- which this is the kid that we have to lock up meds because he likes them. So he's refusing to take the codiene pretty much, even though we had the pharmacy flavor it.

He got his codiene at 3 and he and I went and laid down for a short nap. The phone rang a short time later and I ran for it, expecting a call back from the trainer at any time. Alex slept until 5:30 and we had pizza for dinner, as Mike and I were just both wiped. Alex was starting to get a little whiny and coughing, so we tried giving him a dose of motrin instead of the codeine and it seemed to work pretty well.

Then Alex insisting on getting dressed in some clothes, since he'd been in his pj's all day, and after dinner the kids played a bit and then we got them down to bed about 8:30 and with a dose of codeine so he could well. A little late for normal. Mike was dropping off to by 9:30 and then went to bed. I worked on an infant jacket for Amy's baby some more (ready to start the bottom band now. ) and I stayed up to midnight, the plan being I'd give him motrin at midnight, since it had worked earlier, and give him that to get him through until Mike got up to go to work and then give him codeine.

So I stayed up until midnight, which almost as if on cue he started coughing and whining right at midnight. So gave him some motrin and tried to get him to drink some grape drink, since he'd been breathing through his mouth since he's so congested. One of the things the aftercare papers had warned was that if his throat didnt stay moist, it would hurt more after waking up from breathing through the mouth. Well, that woke him up entirely...So he got up and asked him if he wanted to watch a Dora show and have a popsicle. We did that and I got several more rows done on the jacket too. But by this point it was 1:30 and I just simply couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, falling asleep sitting up. So I told him ok, time to go back to bed and he threw a fit on me, but apparently went back to sleep or Mike delt with him as I woke him up crawling into bed and gave him the run down on what had transpired. I think I was out before my head hit the pillow, honestly...

Then Mike was waking me up at 6:30 this morning, just before he left, so I'd be up to get Katie up for school. oh man you talk about dragging... and very shortly after, Alex was up too. Did his decongestant spray, ear AB drops, and tried to give him a dose of codeine at 7. He took the first half and then it was a wrestling match for the second half of it. I think we are done with the codiene and just going to do an otc tylenol/motrin rotation from here on out and not have the battle. The kid has an appetite that I've never seen before either. He insisted on a banana and ate that, then demanded toaster struedals, which Katie fixed him 2 of those, and then fixed some oatmeal for herself. Then after the struedals, he demanded some oatmeal, which since last night, EVERYTHING is immediately responded to in an outburst/complete melt down temper tantrum if it's not what he wants to hear. *sigh*

Right now he and Meaghan are fussing and squabbling over the wii, as I'm sitting here typing and trying to figure out how Im going to get some sleep today, so I don't drug them both! LOL!

Anne Marie is supposed to come get Meaghan to go to the library "preschool express" class that we'd signed up the girls up for. I'm seriously considering calling her and seeing if she'd take Meaghan for the afternoon. I don't know if I have the patience for his temper tantrums and the squabbling between the two of them today, with the limited I'm running on.

Ok enough whining, I'll wait to come back until I can be a little more positive.

Here's one positive though- Alex is definately healing fast!

Eeeeeekkkk! I have a class date!

Jodie just called and I am headed to the Oct. class! :D

I will be doing combo training again and while the class starts on Tues. Oct. 21st, I will arrive at the school on Wed. Oct. 22nd and leave to come home on Nov. 3rd. Thats all I know at this point, as she wasn't able to share any dog info. Darn. Consumer services is supposed to be calling me soon with travel information. :D

*doing a major happy dance*

Monday, September 29, 2008

We're Home!!!! :D

Everything went really well. :) Alex did great with all the pre-op stuff and went back with the nurse as they asked him to do and all. They said he did well with holding the gas mask and only cried just a little bit when they actually held it on him to make him go to sleep. Dr. Phillips came out and talked to us and said all went really well and he did have quite a bit of stuff behind the ears, so drained all of that.

Recovery, however was a little rough. They didn't get the recovery IV in him before he woke up and the battle of 4 nurses trying to hold him down and put it in/keep it in was won by Alex, but at the cost of he was royally ticked off and did not want to cooperate with anyone. He was hurting and didnt want anyone to touch him. The came and got us and as soon as he saw me he reached out for me and even for Mike and I, he wouldnt let us anywhere near his mouth. The nurses were apoligizing that they were afraid he may have a bruise from them trying to keep the IV in.

So they cleared the room, turned the lights down, and it was just Mike and I with him and tried to get him to calm down. We tried to get him to drink some juice, put some crushed up popsicle in his mouth, and asked him to just flat out take the medicine and he just completely refused it all. After an hour and a half of trying to coax him, we finally just took the hard approach and I held him down, Mike squirted the medicine in his mouth a small bit at a time. The nurse seemed really relieved that we took charge and made hiim do it, as they were really worried because the bottom line was he had to drink something before he could go home. And until he took the medicine, the chances of drinking something were very slim to none.

So after we got the medicine in him, within 15 minutes he started settling down and the nurse left the room, sitting outside our room, and Mike and I continued to talk to him. We could see him come down and when he started watching winnie the pooh on the tv instead of writhing around, we knew he was starting to feel better. Then Mike started doing some high fives with him and different things, which he started to respond to and take part in as well. Then Mike started playing a hide and seek game with Alex with his glasses- take a drink of your juice and I'll show you my glasses, and he did it. Once he did that, there was no turning back, he realized the juice felt really good and was all over it. Mike told him we were opening the door and the nurse was able to see him drinking his juice and everyone cheered as he drank the glass dry! :D

Then he was obviously starting to feel better, as he then downed 2 popsicles and let the nurse come in and take his temp and his vitals. At that point we were free to come home!

So he's on a codeine pain killer that we know that we HAVE to make sure we keep him on round the clock for the first couple of days and we got home and he's inhaled a large banana, a sandwich and a half of Peanut butter and Jelly, and drank 2 more glasses of grape drink, to my amazement! Soe he's doing well! :)

Thank you for all of your prayers, Pleas just pray for a speedy recovery now. :) We go back for his follow up in 4 weeks.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alex has surgery tomorrow & Good news!

Well, we are all ready for tomorrow, we think....

No allergy meds, vitamins, motrin or other non allowed for the last week. He's had his last meal before surgery. No drinks or food through surgery tomorrow. Breakfast for the girls is fixed and ready for Aunt Nancy & Uncle Mike to feed them as they come out and stay with them tomorrow. Katie has her school picture clothes laid out and I'm about to sign all her papers and put her book back together for her so she's ready to go.

I've gotten out some pull ups, a spare pr of jammies, and just about have all my knitting together to take with tomorrow as well. :) Mike ran to the store and bought some ice cream and pedialyte popsicles for him to eat and hopefully keep him hydrated afterwards. We also have quite a bit of gatorade mix as well, so think we are set to go!

Will update tomorrow after we get home, as here is what he's having done:

1. Tubes- for EI's
2. Adenoidectomy - for enlarged adenoids and tonsils & remove the adenoids that are blocking the eustachian tubes.
3. Turbine reduction of all 3 sections - everyone has 3 ridges on the insides of thier noses and his are all large and thus blocking air flow into his nose, so going to shrink them so that air flow is what it should be and help minimize sinus infections.

4. Allergy testing- do it while he's sedated to find out what his triggers are.

They said the surgery will take about an hour to do, he'll be sedated, and they'll keep him for observation for about 2-3 hrs until he's up and moving around on his own, then we'll be able to go home. He will be out of commission for about a week and will be on pain medications for the adenoid removal. We'll probably keep him home that day and the day after and then send him back to preschool on Wednesday, depending on how he's doing. He won't be doing soccer at all that week though.

Now for the good news! :D

I got a message on the answering machine on Friday from GDF... It was a trainer saying she was one of the trainers for the Oct class and needed some more info on whether or not I needed specific work with my dog. I was like dog??? what dog???

Of course it was after 5:30 when I got the message, but I was able to get a confirmation that they think they do have a dog for me, but not sure yet when they are wanting me to come in for training. So waiting for news on that here REAL soon! So I've been bouncing off the walls all weekend and anxiously awaiting to be able to call Consumer Services Monday/Tuesday! Will update once I have more details, as that's honestly about all I know at this point!

Friday, September 26, 2008

This week....

I have been painting, painting, and more painting...

We built this playhouse for the lids a year ago, but it quickly turned cold on us and it didn't get finished with the hub bub of life and activities. So it sat through the winter and this spring, and this summer unfinished.

So this last week has just been AWESOME weather, 70's, low humidity, light breeze and sunny each day. So I have spent pretty much the entire day out in the playhouse painting the interior and then did a coat on the exterior after getting done with the ceiling of the interior.

The playhouse walls aren't lined if you will, so you see the studs and the roof decking. I've used the leftover paints we've had in the kids rooms, so I've painted the ceiling pink, the roof studs are yellow, the wall studs are a light mint green, and the wall panels that are just about done are a lilac/purple color. It'll be really cute once it's all done. :) I need to finish the wall panels, touch ups on the ceiling, and then plan to do one more coat of the linen white on the floor.

After this, hopefully this weekend, Mike will be able to finish up the chocolate bar shutters and be able to get the door onto the front. Since this is a "gingerbread" house, we are wanting to cut out candy shapes and put on the outside as well to decorate it up, which we have candycane corners and porch supports already, which we took white pvc piping and wrapped painters tape around it and then spray painted it with red paint for plastic. They came out really well. :)

I'll try to get some pictures later on today or this weekend to share. :)

Today we are heading out with Anne Marie and her girls for lunch and maybe some shopping. Not sure yet what the game plan is for that, so need to head off here and get my shoes on and make sure all of our stuff is together to go. :)

Alex also goes for Surgery on Monday, so please say prayers for him that all goes well!

Baby shower! :D

Our good friend Amy is due October 5th with her first, a little girl. She had a baby shower on Saturday at her mom's house and it was so cool to see her again! Being that they (Amy and her sister Holly) have moved to the SE side of Indy, we don't get to see each other nearly as often as we used to and would like.

But we went to the shower and it really was a good time! We all sat down and made some little cards with different tidbits of info, for her to add pictures too once the baby his here and so forth, all so they can go into a smaller scrapbook album. It was fun to make them and we all chatted and talked and snacked on some stuff all the while. :)

I'm swiping some pics that Amy's mom shared with me, but I have to say Amy looks AWESOME!!!! Seriously, this girl is gonna come home from the hospital having lost weight! Way to go!!!

The proud Mom!

Holly and her little girl, Julie- Holly looks spectacular having lost almost 100 lbs!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

And this little cutie!

After the shower was over, I rode back to Amy's house and got to see Lisa! It was so nice, she was in my lap, licking me all over my face, rolling over on her belly too. :) Man I miss her, but she seems very happy there. :)

Then with asking Amy what help I could give them since I know they are down to crunch time and getting things ready for the baby, we wound up putting up this adorable border up in the baby's room. :) I can't wait to see the finished room with the crib and all, it's really cute with just the paint and border! Will have to get back to everyone on that!

So after we finished there, we headed out and got some mexican for dinner and Amy & Paul brought me back to the church where I did some things with Great Banquet, before hooking up with Dad and Sue for a ride home. :)

Men's Great Banquet #9 completed and successful! :)

The closing was awesome and our two guys had a great weekend. :) One of the guy's sister came out and it was good to have her. :) We learned who the new lay directors are for the Banquets next fall and it's cool. :)

Not much else to report here on that, other than we are gearing up for the Women's weekend coming up in a week! :) I can't wait! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

God is definately at work here!!!!

Mike and I had planned on making some chocolate fudge to send to the banquet this weekend, since it went over so well last round of banquets. Well, Mike had the idea to put it in the football cake pan that we had, which we'd used to make a rice krispy treat football back when the Colts won the Superbowl.

Well, I was a little apprehensive about it, thinking just doing a pan would make more sense- to cut it and serving and so forth, but we ran with it and I went ahead and made the chocolate fudge- 4lbs of it yesterday afternoon and put it in the half football mold and put it in the fridge to harden overnight.

We were trying to decide when to take it in and Mike went and worked breakfast this morning. And after working breakfast, he helped with setting stuff up for lunch and lo and behold, it was a football theme!!!!

So after going to walmart, locking himself out of the van with a shopping cart full of groceries ;) , getting a ride home to pick up my key to the van and putting groceries away, we used the white cookie icing we have and decorated up the football and put it on a some cardboard that we wrapped with part of a green plastic tablecloth. And Mike took it back up to the church. :)

We had no idea of thier theme, but it worked perfectly! Guess God was telling Mike he definately was taking it back up to the church this morning, though he wasn't too thrilled on the idea. LOL!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Men's Great Banquet #9 starts! :)

Tonight we will be taking two guys to Great Banquet to start their weekends, of which we hope will be life changing for them. :)

Our college friend and his wife are coming out for dinner, then she'll be able to say her goodbye and we'll whisk him away to the church. It's a spiritual retreat where all outside distractions are removed for you, no watches, no computers, no phones, no cell phones, no outside contact, and you are PAMPERED and catered to all weekend. All the distractions are removed so you can focus on God and your relationship with him. It is quite an awesome weekend, and if you haven't been through it, I highly encourage you to contact a Great Banquet community in your area to see about going through it. :)

Gotta run! Dinner is almost ready and it's about time to watch God work his Glory! :)

Been working out...

Sue and I have been going to the open water aerobics at the High School and up to now, we've done exercises but I hadn't really felt much after them, other than feeling better because I was indeed moving. Then came the being sick, Labor Day weekend, kids birthdays and so forth, so we didn't go for several weeks.

This week though Sue looked up some more exercises online and instead of using the noodle to sit on and bicycle pedal across the pool for our main part of the workout, we've started using the floatation belt. I've been doing the cross country skiing across the pool and back and holy moly, it's kicking my butt! Did it on Monday and did it today and I'm feeling the energy boost as a result, though I'm feeling the muscles a little more today than I have in the past. I know I'm getting winded when I do it and last night after coming home from it, I thought I was going to fall asleep sitting up. LOL!

Buuuutttttt, I guess the main point of this post is I wanted to share that I've created my weight ticker and I'm officially working to knock off the pounds. :) Started out and lost 5 lbs and then gained a couple back and glad to say getting on the scale this afternoon after my shower, they are gone again! :D So here's my countdown on the pounds:

So I'm working my way back there! My starting goal is 180. I know I felt great when I was there before I got pregnant with Alex, so that's my starting goal and we'll see if I can get down from there. :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to the Zoo with Friends!

Yesterday, I'd kinda forgotten that Anne Marie and I had planned on going to the Zoo, but it was ok, it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we gathered up PB & J sandwiches and some snacks to take and have a picnic lunch and enjoy the day through the Zoo. :)

It was so nice, in the low 70's, sunny, and being it was during the week, there was like no one there, which was even better, giving us a little bit of leeway with the girls and made it so much easier to see the animals.

As everyone knows, I'm crazy with the camera, so I took a ton of pictures. Here a good chunk of them:

In the Oceans Exhibit

Tryng to pet the Dog sharks

The meerkats in the Desert Biome

Staring each other down... LOL!

On to the African Plains!

I went a little nuts on the giraffes because I've never been able to get that many shots of them so close! They were coming right up to the observation platform and were literally within 3-5 feet from us, it was just AMAZING!

No charging this time by the lions! *whew*

This baby was sooo cute- he was yawning. :)

By this point all three were tired and starting to get grumpy on us, so we called it a day and headed for home. :)

Praise the Lord!!!!

This week is Great Banquet week and for a while now we have been trying to get this particular couple to go through Banquet. The wife was all for going but the hubby has been a hard sell. Well, thanks to God's work, in the last 3 days, the hubby has been open to the idea of going through the upcoming Men's weekend #9 this weekend. God had cleared his schedule of all committments, work, teaching, and other prior committments in amazing speed and we have the all clear and he is all set to go!!!!

We had prayed soooooo hard for the last three days for this to happen and it did! God is GOOD!!! :D

So on the home front, we are absolutely in hyper mode this week now as we are finalizing things for him, for the other gentleman we are also sponsoring, as well as keeping up the house, taking care of soccer, and have a baby shower to attend this weekend too. LOL!

Thank you to those of you that prayed with us on this, and Thank you Lord for making it happen!

I am sooooooo excited for this weekend, to see God's Glory work! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

SAM's Blog!!!!

Ok, it has been set up! :) I'm just super excited and cannot wait to be able to follow his puppyhood. :)

Here's the link to SAM's blog:


Monday, September 15, 2008

*** HE *** is here!!!!! - Correction!

Ok, I royally goofed! oops! I'd heard the pup was a male, then a female and oops, it turned out to be a male pup.

Soooo, My apoligies for the confusion and also for messing up his name too. I heard from Barbara Thomas and Libby yesterday, and with Barbara's permission, here are some super, super cute pictures of this puppy and a little bit about his arrival! :)

From Barbara:

He will probably be called Sammy at some point, but I believe S.A.M. Is his official name. "SAM" is the acronym I used when calling our three kids or when I made reference to our kids in letters or emails. Sam is so chubby, fuzzy and cute.

Andrew and I met Libby at the airport and got to meet Sam when he got off the airplane. It was bitter sweet but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. We'll be watching Sam grow and be in his life. We feel so humbled at the amazing generosity of people in Matthew's honor!

We hope and pray Sam will be a blessing in someone's life through GDF.

And here are the pictures!!! :)

I have heard that there's a possiblity of a blog being started up for SAM, but it needs to be ok'd and agreed upon by both Libby and Barbara. I think it would be just awesome to see one of him, since so many people are anxious to watch and hear about this special puppy growing up! :)

Will update if that comes into being~