Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to the Children's Museum!!!!

Since Anne Marie and I both are down at least one, if not 2 kids during the day now, (Thank you Lord for school!) We have been trying to get together and do something at least once a week, to get out of the house and let the kids play together. We'd gotten together a few wks ago and went to the park, this week we decided to go to the Children's Museum on Tuesday.

So we took off for the museum and ate lunch there and then went down to the dinosphere. we made our way there through the lower level and then moved on up to the kids playscape area. After leaving playscape, we pretty much decided to call it a day, since all three were getting tired, being headstrong and beginning to not listen, so it was time to head home for naps and rests. :)

In the Dinosphere:

Working the T Rex bones puzzle:

We did it!!!

Little Dinosaurs in the nest!

On the Train platform:

Under the seas:

Through the mummy exhibit:

Up to Playscapes!

We came home from the museum and Anne Marie's girls were either out or just about out. Meaghan and I got home and sat down for a few and Meaghan conked out quickly. I wanted really bad to nap, but I worked on the Great Banquet bags until after Mike got home. We fixed leftover for dinner and headed to the Great Banquet Gathering where teams were commissioned in. :) Afterwards, it was pick up the kids, chat with a couple of people and then we headed home since the kids had had a long day, as well as Mike. Came home and everyone went to bed. :)

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