Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alex has surgery tomorrow & Good news!

Well, we are all ready for tomorrow, we think....

No allergy meds, vitamins, motrin or other non allowed for the last week. He's had his last meal before surgery. No drinks or food through surgery tomorrow. Breakfast for the girls is fixed and ready for Aunt Nancy & Uncle Mike to feed them as they come out and stay with them tomorrow. Katie has her school picture clothes laid out and I'm about to sign all her papers and put her book back together for her so she's ready to go.

I've gotten out some pull ups, a spare pr of jammies, and just about have all my knitting together to take with tomorrow as well. :) Mike ran to the store and bought some ice cream and pedialyte popsicles for him to eat and hopefully keep him hydrated afterwards. We also have quite a bit of gatorade mix as well, so think we are set to go!

Will update tomorrow after we get home, as here is what he's having done:

1. Tubes- for EI's
2. Adenoidectomy - for enlarged adenoids and tonsils & remove the adenoids that are blocking the eustachian tubes.
3. Turbine reduction of all 3 sections - everyone has 3 ridges on the insides of thier noses and his are all large and thus blocking air flow into his nose, so going to shrink them so that air flow is what it should be and help minimize sinus infections.

4. Allergy testing- do it while he's sedated to find out what his triggers are.

They said the surgery will take about an hour to do, he'll be sedated, and they'll keep him for observation for about 2-3 hrs until he's up and moving around on his own, then we'll be able to go home. He will be out of commission for about a week and will be on pain medications for the adenoid removal. We'll probably keep him home that day and the day after and then send him back to preschool on Wednesday, depending on how he's doing. He won't be doing soccer at all that week though.

Now for the good news! :D

I got a message on the answering machine on Friday from GDF... It was a trainer saying she was one of the trainers for the Oct class and needed some more info on whether or not I needed specific work with my dog. I was like dog??? what dog???

Of course it was after 5:30 when I got the message, but I was able to get a confirmation that they think they do have a dog for me, but not sure yet when they are wanting me to come in for training. So waiting for news on that here REAL soon! So I've been bouncing off the walls all weekend and anxiously awaiting to be able to call Consumer Services Monday/Tuesday! Will update once I have more details, as that's honestly about all I know at this point!

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