Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Eh, its morning....I

'm tired, beyond tired at this point. We kept him up until 3pm yesterday so we could give him his next dose of codeine. He fought it like the dickens and didnt want it, saying it tasted yucky- which this is the kid that we have to lock up meds because he likes them. So he's refusing to take the codiene pretty much, even though we had the pharmacy flavor it.

He got his codiene at 3 and he and I went and laid down for a short nap. The phone rang a short time later and I ran for it, expecting a call back from the trainer at any time. Alex slept until 5:30 and we had pizza for dinner, as Mike and I were just both wiped. Alex was starting to get a little whiny and coughing, so we tried giving him a dose of motrin instead of the codeine and it seemed to work pretty well.

Then Alex insisting on getting dressed in some clothes, since he'd been in his pj's all day, and after dinner the kids played a bit and then we got them down to bed about 8:30 and with a dose of codeine so he could well. A little late for normal. Mike was dropping off to by 9:30 and then went to bed. I worked on an infant jacket for Amy's baby some more (ready to start the bottom band now. ) and I stayed up to midnight, the plan being I'd give him motrin at midnight, since it had worked earlier, and give him that to get him through until Mike got up to go to work and then give him codeine.

So I stayed up until midnight, which almost as if on cue he started coughing and whining right at midnight. So gave him some motrin and tried to get him to drink some grape drink, since he'd been breathing through his mouth since he's so congested. One of the things the aftercare papers had warned was that if his throat didnt stay moist, it would hurt more after waking up from breathing through the mouth. Well, that woke him up entirely...So he got up and asked him if he wanted to watch a Dora show and have a popsicle. We did that and I got several more rows done on the jacket too. But by this point it was 1:30 and I just simply couldn't keep my eyes open anymore, falling asleep sitting up. So I told him ok, time to go back to bed and he threw a fit on me, but apparently went back to sleep or Mike delt with him as I woke him up crawling into bed and gave him the run down on what had transpired. I think I was out before my head hit the pillow, honestly...

Then Mike was waking me up at 6:30 this morning, just before he left, so I'd be up to get Katie up for school. oh man you talk about dragging... and very shortly after, Alex was up too. Did his decongestant spray, ear AB drops, and tried to give him a dose of codeine at 7. He took the first half and then it was a wrestling match for the second half of it. I think we are done with the codiene and just going to do an otc tylenol/motrin rotation from here on out and not have the battle. The kid has an appetite that I've never seen before either. He insisted on a banana and ate that, then demanded toaster struedals, which Katie fixed him 2 of those, and then fixed some oatmeal for herself. Then after the struedals, he demanded some oatmeal, which since last night, EVERYTHING is immediately responded to in an outburst/complete melt down temper tantrum if it's not what he wants to hear. *sigh*

Right now he and Meaghan are fussing and squabbling over the wii, as I'm sitting here typing and trying to figure out how Im going to get some sleep today, so I don't drug them both! LOL!

Anne Marie is supposed to come get Meaghan to go to the library "preschool express" class that we'd signed up the girls up for. I'm seriously considering calling her and seeing if she'd take Meaghan for the afternoon. I don't know if I have the patience for his temper tantrums and the squabbling between the two of them today, with the limited I'm running on.

Ok enough whining, I'll wait to come back until I can be a little more positive.

Here's one positive though- Alex is definately healing fast!

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