Thursday, September 11, 2008

Meaghan is enjoying her time at home- Doll tea party!

Meaghan has really enjoyed being home and I have to admit, I enjoy having her here. She's a lot easier to keep on top of than Alex was, but I'm certain that it's just with the age.

She did have an afternoon that she was bored and I suggested getting the American Girl dolls and Bitty Babies out and having a tea party, of which she went and got herself dressed up and then we dressed up all the dolls and sat them down for a party. Meaghan was feeding them waffles and a drink and it was about lunch time. I asked her what she wanted for lunch and she said waffles. We also had some strawberries in the fridge, so we had a lunch of waffles with strawberries on them and ate outside in the gorgeous weather.

Following lunch, Meaghan asked me to get out the Little Tykes Cozy Coupe car so she could take her babies for a drive. It was tooooo cute! :)

sitting her babies down for their party:

Meaghan was too cute, as I took a picture of this- our cubby storage unit, because she had pulled out the one bin that had all the play food in it. She asked me to pull out the second bin, because the one cubby was her microwave and the other was her refrigerator. LOL!

Party is over, "Time for the babies to go lay down and take their naps!"

Taking the babies for a drive:

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