Monday, September 15, 2008

*** HE *** is here!!!!! - Correction!

Ok, I royally goofed! oops! I'd heard the pup was a male, then a female and oops, it turned out to be a male pup.

Soooo, My apoligies for the confusion and also for messing up his name too. I heard from Barbara Thomas and Libby yesterday, and with Barbara's permission, here are some super, super cute pictures of this puppy and a little bit about his arrival! :)

From Barbara:

He will probably be called Sammy at some point, but I believe S.A.M. Is his official name. "SAM" is the acronym I used when calling our three kids or when I made reference to our kids in letters or emails. Sam is so chubby, fuzzy and cute.

Andrew and I met Libby at the airport and got to meet Sam when he got off the airplane. It was bitter sweet but I wouldn't have missed it for anything. We'll be watching Sam grow and be in his life. We feel so humbled at the amazing generosity of people in Matthew's honor!

We hope and pray Sam will be a blessing in someone's life through GDF.

And here are the pictures!!! :)

I have heard that there's a possiblity of a blog being started up for SAM, but it needs to be ok'd and agreed upon by both Libby and Barbara. I think it would be just awesome to see one of him, since so many people are anxious to watch and hear about this special puppy growing up! :)

Will update if that comes into being~

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Andros II & Madison said...

He is adorable and that is a pretty great honor for both families!