Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby shower! :D

Our good friend Amy is due October 5th with her first, a little girl. She had a baby shower on Saturday at her mom's house and it was so cool to see her again! Being that they (Amy and her sister Holly) have moved to the SE side of Indy, we don't get to see each other nearly as often as we used to and would like.

But we went to the shower and it really was a good time! We all sat down and made some little cards with different tidbits of info, for her to add pictures too once the baby his here and so forth, all so they can go into a smaller scrapbook album. It was fun to make them and we all chatted and talked and snacked on some stuff all the while. :)

I'm swiping some pics that Amy's mom shared with me, but I have to say Amy looks AWESOME!!!! Seriously, this girl is gonna come home from the hospital having lost weight! Way to go!!!

The proud Mom!

Holly and her little girl, Julie- Holly looks spectacular having lost almost 100 lbs!!! WAY TO GO!!!!

And this little cutie!

After the shower was over, I rode back to Amy's house and got to see Lisa! It was so nice, she was in my lap, licking me all over my face, rolling over on her belly too. :) Man I miss her, but she seems very happy there. :)

Then with asking Amy what help I could give them since I know they are down to crunch time and getting things ready for the baby, we wound up putting up this adorable border up in the baby's room. :) I can't wait to see the finished room with the crib and all, it's really cute with just the paint and border! Will have to get back to everyone on that!

So after we finished there, we headed out and got some mexican for dinner and Amy & Paul brought me back to the church where I did some things with Great Banquet, before hooking up with Dad and Sue for a ride home. :)

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