Thursday, September 18, 2008

Been working out...

Sue and I have been going to the open water aerobics at the High School and up to now, we've done exercises but I hadn't really felt much after them, other than feeling better because I was indeed moving. Then came the being sick, Labor Day weekend, kids birthdays and so forth, so we didn't go for several weeks.

This week though Sue looked up some more exercises online and instead of using the noodle to sit on and bicycle pedal across the pool for our main part of the workout, we've started using the floatation belt. I've been doing the cross country skiing across the pool and back and holy moly, it's kicking my butt! Did it on Monday and did it today and I'm feeling the energy boost as a result, though I'm feeling the muscles a little more today than I have in the past. I know I'm getting winded when I do it and last night after coming home from it, I thought I was going to fall asleep sitting up. LOL!

Buuuutttttt, I guess the main point of this post is I wanted to share that I've created my weight ticker and I'm officially working to knock off the pounds. :) Started out and lost 5 lbs and then gained a couple back and glad to say getting on the scale this afternoon after my shower, they are gone again! :D So here's my countdown on the pounds:

So I'm working my way back there! My starting goal is 180. I know I felt great when I was there before I got pregnant with Alex, so that's my starting goal and we'll see if I can get down from there. :)

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