Thursday, September 11, 2008

Katie's Birthday Party

Katie wanted to have a princess party. She did so since we had several things already in Disney princesses and I'd told her if she did that, we wouldn't have to buy as much stuff and could get some of the other things we wouldn't normally get, such as a pull string pinata. Katie's learning quickly how to make the most of what she can have, so she was all over that!

She invited several friends from school, some new ones and some she's known for several years, and of course her best friend since she was little. The girls all had fun though, as Katie and I took white lunch bags and I'd printed some graphics off that I'd found of the princesses. I also found too, some word searches and games for the girls to play. I put one in each of the bags and that was a good way to start off the party, with some of the extra stickers as prizes. Mike baked some chocolate chip cookies as they did this and it worked out really well, as we started with games, then did Katie's cake, then after that we moved them back and forth from the dining room to the living room to open presents, do the pinata, open presents, eat cookies and so forth, and it allowed me to pick things up/clean up behind them while they were in the next room and still occupied. It was pretty funny though, Mike laughed about how much quieter it was this year, even with 8 girls in the house. LOL!


Pinata time!

Chocolate chip cookies and milk!

Girls Playing the Wii until time to leave:

We then went to church and came home and had dinner and watched a movie together as a family :)

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