Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trip to the Zoo with Friends!

Yesterday, I'd kinda forgotten that Anne Marie and I had planned on going to the Zoo, but it was ok, it was BEAUTIFUL outside and we gathered up PB & J sandwiches and some snacks to take and have a picnic lunch and enjoy the day through the Zoo. :)

It was so nice, in the low 70's, sunny, and being it was during the week, there was like no one there, which was even better, giving us a little bit of leeway with the girls and made it so much easier to see the animals.

As everyone knows, I'm crazy with the camera, so I took a ton of pictures. Here a good chunk of them:

In the Oceans Exhibit

Tryng to pet the Dog sharks

The meerkats in the Desert Biome

Staring each other down... LOL!

On to the African Plains!

I went a little nuts on the giraffes because I've never been able to get that many shots of them so close! They were coming right up to the observation platform and were literally within 3-5 feet from us, it was just AMAZING!

No charging this time by the lions! *whew*

This baby was sooo cute- he was yawning. :)

By this point all three were tired and starting to get grumpy on us, so we called it a day and headed for home. :)

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