Friday, September 26, 2008

This week....

I have been painting, painting, and more painting...

We built this playhouse for the lids a year ago, but it quickly turned cold on us and it didn't get finished with the hub bub of life and activities. So it sat through the winter and this spring, and this summer unfinished.

So this last week has just been AWESOME weather, 70's, low humidity, light breeze and sunny each day. So I have spent pretty much the entire day out in the playhouse painting the interior and then did a coat on the exterior after getting done with the ceiling of the interior.

The playhouse walls aren't lined if you will, so you see the studs and the roof decking. I've used the leftover paints we've had in the kids rooms, so I've painted the ceiling pink, the roof studs are yellow, the wall studs are a light mint green, and the wall panels that are just about done are a lilac/purple color. It'll be really cute once it's all done. :) I need to finish the wall panels, touch ups on the ceiling, and then plan to do one more coat of the linen white on the floor.

After this, hopefully this weekend, Mike will be able to finish up the chocolate bar shutters and be able to get the door onto the front. Since this is a "gingerbread" house, we are wanting to cut out candy shapes and put on the outside as well to decorate it up, which we have candycane corners and porch supports already, which we took white pvc piping and wrapped painters tape around it and then spray painted it with red paint for plastic. They came out really well. :)

I'll try to get some pictures later on today or this weekend to share. :)

Today we are heading out with Anne Marie and her girls for lunch and maybe some shopping. Not sure yet what the game plan is for that, so need to head off here and get my shoes on and make sure all of our stuff is together to go. :)

Alex also goes for Surgery on Monday, so please say prayers for him that all goes well!

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