Saturday, April 19, 2008

We met Honey Puppy Walker Family!!!!

The Thomas family came up from North Carolina to see Honey and meet our family. It was nervous and exciting all at the same time, not knowing how Honey was going to do. They came and picked me up from the church, after my Disabilities Support Group meeting and as I came out, they saw us and came up to greet us. Honey didn't seem to recognize them at first, and then Mom asked if she could let Honey smell her. Honey's tail just went wild, as she remembered who she was. I then took her Harness off so she could love on her family that had raised her and boy was everyone happy! :D It was so cool to see. :) It was also so cool to see her be able to turn her excitement on and off like a switch, with the removal of the harness. Pretty amazing. :)

Here is a video of some pictures of the reunion. :)

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