Friday, April 18, 2008

It's the weekend!!!! :D

Morning all!

It's been a super busy week around here and the weekend is going to continue on with that...

This week we have been moving stuff around for the living room, then on Tuesday night Katie woke up at 3:30 throwing up all over the place. :( Kept her home from school on Wednesday and she had the runs and got sick once more in the afternoon. But she was good for the rest of the afternoon, evening, and through the night so she went back to school yesterday. The other night Mike and I sat down and tried to plan out meals for when we go to Disney, so need to call and make our reservations for that.

Sue and I had a baby shower for one of the ladies on my Great Banquet kitchen team. We had went to Maytown, KY on the mission trip with Amanda and her hubby, and as they have tried having kids, have been unable to do so and are adopting. Amanda came home from Great Banquet to find that God had not just blessed her with one bundle of joy, but with twins! :) I'm sooo happy for them, and so Sue and I went to the shower and Honey was just fabulous with all the people around and the little Schnauzer that that was there too. :)

I've also been super busy in the last week, as I've been selling off a bunch of the fabrics and such that I've bought over time and not using. Shipping all this stuff out is a lot of work and following up. Even have a package going to Saudi Arabia! LOL!

This morning we were all awakened to the 5.4 earthquake that rocked the Midwest this morning. Didn't wake me so much, but it did the kids and Mike. Katie was hilarious, she was yelling at Mike to quit shaking her bed since she thought he was shaking it to tell her it was time to get up. LOL! She's on the top bunk in the girls room.

Here's the info on that:

I'm hoping to swap out the kids clothes for summer clothes today and get a few more things picked up. :)

This weekend- Lots going on.

Tonight- Whoooo HOOOO Mike and I are going on a date! We hired a sitter and can't wait for dinner in peace! :D Not sure where we are going yet, but we'll see. :)

Tomorrow- Depending on the storms that are supposed to roll in tonight and stick around all weekend, we are supposed to have soccer games for Meaghan at 9 and Katie at 10:30. I have my disabilities support group meeting at church from 10-noon and the highlight of my day is Honey's Puppy Walker family are coming up from North Carolina to see us!!! :D I cannot wait!

They are going to pick up Honey and I from the church after my meeting and then we'll go to Applebee's for lunch. After which, we'll come back to the house and they can love on Honey and we can hang out. :) I'm really excited. :) Also we'll have church in the evening too.

Sunday will prove busy as well, as we have a bridal shower for our good friend Amy- I'll go to that from 2-4 and Mike will probably hang out with Marland with their kids while us girls have fun at the shower. :) Then we have bible study at 6:30 too, so going to be run, run, run for most of the weekend...

Alrighty, Alex is asking me to read to him, so will bbl with a post about our Disney plans. :)

P.S. Sue brought me a vase for the kids table! YAY!!! It looks so cute! :)

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Erin & Midi Girl said...

woohoo! Tell Honey's PW I said hi, if you get the chance! Haven't seen them in forever!