Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Yay! We are on the mend! :)

We are all feeling a LOT better now. :) Though there's still some residual coughs and sinus issues, but everyone is in much better spirits and not just feeling cruddy. Meaghan went back to school this morning and Katie got up to my surprise, a completely different kid from yesterday. She was at her worst yesterday, and today you wouldn't hardly have known she was sick. She was moving around, helpful and wanting to do things.

Sooooo, since Katie made us sooooo proud of her last August, right around her birthday, by saying that she wanted to grow her hair out to donate to this organization:

It is an organization that will fit a child up to the age of 21 with a free wig, once a year. We had looked at Locks for Love, which is what everyone knows of when you mention hair donation, but LFL charges it's recipients for the wigs. Granted it is on a sliding scale, but they do still charge for thier services. This organization does not and I found out about this when I went up to MI this past year and a good friend and SHIM treasurer (see my links for DB orgs down to the right), Jill, she told me about doing this and donating her hair. So I came home from that weekend and I kid you not, it wasn't a few days later that Katie stood up in the tub during a bath and announced she was going to grow her hair out to give to a child who didn't have hair.

I was proud and shocked at the same time, as we hadn't discussed this or anything, so I asked her where she heard about this and what gave her the idea for it. Apparently one of the videos we'd checkt out from the church library had a small segment on hair donation as it was a video about treating others kind, even if they are different. So we told her we loved her and was very proud of her for this. So then the growing started. She let her hair grow and grow and grow and for the last few months, Katie has be REALLY tired of having long hair. We just had a little bit more to go, as we had to have at least 8 inches for donation, and you have to really have 9 inches to pull it up in ponytails and band it then cut it off.

Well that day has finally come! YAY!!!! So we walked to the hair dresser today and cut off her hair! She has a short bob now, which is really cute on her! :) She is just estactic and elated that it's short. We also got Alex's hair cut since it was well overdue for a cut as well. LOL!

Here are a couple of pics from before:

And the after:

Then the kids with Honey:

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You guys rock!!! I am getting my move ready for next week.

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