Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The new couch and living room! Yay!!!

Here it is, oh man sooo comfy! :D

We are going to hold off on getting the fabric to do the curtains. As our long term goal is to make this room a "movie" room, with a curtain over the tv like the old time theaters and eventually a popcorn machine. But we are really liking the look of the room at the moment, plus all extra funding was just spent for the couch, so it'll probably be another year before we do that stuff, though Mike is looking at going ahead and getting a new sound system with some e-awards he got through work. :)
Then we can use the other stuff we don't use anymore for the playroom so I can play use the dvd player as a cd player and play the records we have for the kids with speakers and actually be able to hear it.


Stacie said...

looks great. :)

Jovi said...

love it!! looks super comfy and cozy :) very welcoming!

Julie said...

Wow, looks great! Enjoy your new room!