Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Slowly getting there... Yeah it'll be warm by the time Im done with it...

I started this sweater at GDF. Hoping to have it done in time to give to Mike for his birthday. Yeah right.

Anyway, I'm still plugging away on it, and I'm just about done with the torso. Just trying to decide if I want to put a few more rows of knitting in before I start the ribbing or not, as it seems a little short yet, though the pattern calls for 19 inches for the length of the torso and then 2 inches of ribbing. I know that mike is longer bodied than I am as well.

Here's the pattern, an awesome and easy one that is top down. You knit in the round for so many rows in one size needle and then go to a needle two sizes up and keep knitting until you get big enough and then split off the sleeves and just keep going around and around until you get to the bottom. Then go back up and pick up the stitches and knit in the round down the sleeves. I pick my patterns easy. ;)


Let's see how long it takes to finish it. ;)

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