Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A long night walk. :) A Honey Brag...

The weather here is GORGEOUS right now, so last night after getting the kids to bed, and because I was starting to get a little concerned about not working Honey so much, I decided to take a walk, though it was at 10pm at night.

Walked over to Dad & Sue's and talked with them for a bit, catching up on the latest, and so forth, then I walked on around the large circle of our neighborhood. Then I decided to cut off and take a walk around the next neighborhood too, as it is about twice the size of ours. It was such a lovely evening and Honey re-assured all of my fears, as she hit the cues and stops and all right on a dime. She slowed for rough spots, kept me on the sidewalk and took me around things laying in the sidewalks. The only scary thing was the big german shepherd that come flying out of his garage and snarling and growling at us. I am just thanking the Lord we were on the OTHER side of the street and I hadnt decided to walk on that side, since the dog ran all the way to the sidewalk.

Honey tugged me to the right away from the dog as much as she could and we kept on moving. It was great to take a nice 1/2 hour long walk and there was just enough light that I could see pretty well. Though I know I need to make it a point to have something on me in the future- a phone or something where I can call for help. I realized I didnt have anything about half way around and said some quick prayers for my guardian angel to look over us. :)

But when we got home, I loved on Honey HUGE and she's just such a doll. What an exhilarating feeling, as I wouldnt have even considered doing that before having her to guide me. :)

So that's my Honey Brag! :D

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