Monday, April 14, 2008

Ok, ok, I know It's been a week and a half since I posted, it's been BUSY!!!

Phew, what a busy weekend/day. We were super busy all weekend doing a bunch of stuff, re-arranging, and WOOT WOOT, we bought a new couch! I'm happy. Mike and Dad are picking it up after work tonight and someone is to be here in about an hour and a half to take the old one & chairs that I'd put up on freecyle. I really like how the living room is coming out.

Dad and Sue gave us two tall bookcases, so we were able to bring those in and they look so much nicer than how we had it before. I freecycled the behemouth of a bookcase that Mike had built for over the table the dog cage was on. So that was gone Friday. I tried cleaning the sectional we got off of freecycle, but 1. the smell just wouldn't go, and 2. we didnt have the middle/corner pc. so it wasn't working for us. So Mike took it to goodwill. Our new couch is a corner sectional, made of microsuede and is super soft and super comfy!!! It's big enough both Mike and I can lay full out on each half. YAY! The only thing I'm not sure about, is it's white but it was the only color they had in the price range we could afford and that we liked. We had the protection stuff put on it and the sales guy kept saying it was practically indestructable and good for kids and pets, as well as easy to clean. We'll see. We figured at worst, we slipcover it later on, which will be fairly easy to do, since it's pretty squarish.

Today I've been quite the busy bee, I've been seriously cleaning- putting stuff away and finding places for the stuff we've moved around, though thankfully it wasnt much displaced with moving the living room around. Mike painted the corner last night where the bookcase and dog cage table had been. so that's all done. The room is all set up and ready for them to bring it in tonight and push one bookcase in place and the coffee table too. I'll take some pics when all done.

Then I've also swept throughout the rest of the house, as in moving furniture out and sweeping behind/under real good. I also brought the small bookcase out of the living room, and put in the playroom and got all the kids books on the two bookcases, instead of on top of desk, on top of the cubby unit, etc. Plus, now the books are comfortably in them, not like you are struggling to pull out a book/put a book away anymore. This also cleared off almost the entire top of the hutch on my desk here and was trying to move the one printer over, but don't think my cables are long enough. Will have to come back to this one. Cleaned up the dining room and have a table to eat off of again! YAY! As well as have laundry going.

Need to get my shower and get dressed before the people show for the old couch and work on the kitchen. I have a couple of ideas for some stuff that's in there where I can put them now that I didn't have before. So all in all, really happy about getting some things out of the house, some things moved around to better, more functional places and the sun is shining outside! YAY! Although it is supposed to be a high of 20 on Thursday. Not cool there.

As for the last week and a half, we've had second soccer practices, games were cancelled on Saturday because it's just rained and was COLD. It's Indiana, what can you say... But it turned out for the good for us, because Mike and I got a LOT done around the house, such as wiring, laundry, and going through things and re-arranging things to better locations. Before we started the day though, we made a trip to the dr, since I hadn't shaken this nasty cough I've had since the cold, and turns out I have bronchitus. So I'm on AB's 3 x's a day now for a while. I'm already starting to feel better. :)

Then we went to church Saturday evening and Honey was excited to go. She's itching to get outside, I can just tell. She's bored around here and I'm ready to get out too. Ready for it to warm up a bit and be nice!

Anywho, we had a wierd day it seemed at church. She pulled me to someone wanting petted, so corrected her for that, and then we went on to the sanctuary and for some reason she took me around the community group kiosk and to the windows, that looked out over the courtyard. Not sure what was up with that, unless she was wanting to go outside, which she has been a lot lately. So we go to the service and Dad and Sue were there and as soon as she saw them she practically drug me to them. Which I wasn't super thrilled about. I'm thinking we need to do some obedience work and get out and walking more as she's seeming to get lazy about some things. Not bad, just lazy. But then after the service, I go and pick up the two little ones downstairs and we head over to the library. I command her to go right and she refused. Since she'd drug me to the person earlier and as a golden, she can sometimes be hard headed about which way we are going- especially if it's not the way we normally go. So I command her again, RIGHT!. She again refused and now was practically at a 90 degree angle from me, pointing straight away from where I was trying to get her to go, so I take one step forward and BAM! The wet floor sign hits the floor. OOPS. Dog was right, human wasn't listening. I tell her I'm sorry and everyone around me is looking at us, as the sign made quite a ring through the whole hallway as it hit the tile foor. I say ok, You were right, I wasn't listening! Sorry! Everyone was chuckling at me talking to her. LOL! Someone grabs the sign, we head on around it, me thanking the person that picked it up, and head into the library and Mike then gives me a hard time for not listening to her. :P

So all in all we are doing pretty good now. The kids are well finally, I'm starting to get over my thing and things are good. :)

Well I gotta run, will try to post pictures later. :)

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mvpittman said...

Kacie, Honey is pretty good. Seems like the house is coming to order too!

Just wanted you to know I've put you in the "blog" rotation, so I'm officially reading now. You've been an inspiration to me. I may just start blogging more.