Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Eh- it's been a sickie weekend around here...

Well, we all came down with it, Mike being the only one spared thus far. Alex and I are pretty well on the mend by now, Meaghan is on the upswing, and Katie is down for the count today. :( It's been a weekend of coughs, body aches, congestion, stuffed up noses, just feeling cruddy, and LOTS of medicine all around.

I did make it to the disabilities meeting Saturday morning, which went really, really well. :) Had a couple of new families and hopefully they'll come back and we can share information and God's love together some more. :)

The rest of the weekend though, Mike worked on various projects around home, while the rest of us sickies moped and mosied around the house. Mike made great progress, getting the bookcase and the table made for over the dog cage taken down and out, made great headways on the growth chart- just need to mark the kids heights on it now. :) He also did some wall patching and took care of a couple of things with the sewing machine and the furnace too. :) Go Mike!

Yesterday was fun (this being sarcastically said), having all three kids home and all three were well enough to instigate things with each other, but not well enough to go anywhere. Unfortunately, the planned trip with Grandma to the Children's Museum had to be dropped, as there was no way we were taking sick, whiny kids out. After everyone took naps yesterday afternoon though, all three kids acted like they were feeling really well, so before Mike got home, we all went out in the garage- turned Honey loose in the yard to play, and I took the training wheels off of Katie's bigger bike (that had been pulled out of the shed this past weekend). Put those on the smaller bike, lowered the seat on it, and tilted the handlebars back for Meaghan to give it a shot. Katie was really helpful and helped Meaghan get all her pads and helmet on while I was doing this. Then Katie was a really cool big sister and helped push Meaghan up and down the sidewalk as Meaghan giggled with glee that she was on a big girl bike.

I was working on Alex's helmet, re-fitting it for him, as we pulled the tricycle out of the shed as well. I think we need to find him a really small boys bike with training wheels, something like a 12" or 14" one, as he just doesn't seem to be able to work the pedals to this trike, with them being in front of him. It just seems overly cumbersome for him, as hard as he's trying though. But we got him set up and I started working with Meaghan, and Katie was excited to take off on her big bike and she took off with it without any hitch. So then Katie was giggling with glee that she was riding the big bike she'd gotten for Christmas! :) It was awesome to see both girls grow in confidence in themselves, and Meaghan was just estatic that she was on a bike. She even got to where she was able to take off on her own and hop off the bike and turn it around and get back on on her own. I wish I'd taken the camera out with me, as the grins were just priceless. :) We headed in though as it started to sprinkle, and it was a good thing, as it wasnt too long and it was a downpour! So we came in and everyone was in a good mood. Gosh, what going outside can do for the mood!

Honey wasn't too happy with us for leaving her in the yard though, and as we were pulling the bikes and stuff in the garage to put way, she let us know she was not happy with being left! LOL! She barked at us and was rather indignant, giving me a big shove with her nose as I opened the gate for her to come in. LOL! She's itching to work though, as she's tugging on the leash each time we've gone out to go break, gently pulling to go down the sidewalk. I reluctantly have had to tell her no and to come on, but that we'll be walking soon!

Today though, everyone isn't faring as well. Katie was supposed to have her annual eye exam, but since she's on the couch, whining about not feeling good, and extremely pale, I called and cancelled the appt and called and cancelled our ride, to find out our ride is sick as well with it. *sigh* I'm sooooooo done with winter and the cold/sick season. Spring come on!

Well I'd better sign off here, as Meaghan and Alex are squabbling and Katie has asked to play on the PBS kids website. I need to get moving around the house too, and work on some laundry.

Hope everyone else is well and not sick like we are!


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