Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's Thursday Already...

Good Morning,

It is wet and rainy here, and supposed to be all day. :( I'm also feeling under the weather as I think I'm coming down with what Alex has had lately. I'm kinda stuffed up and throat is itchy. My ears are itchy and I'm sounding pretty hoarse at the moment, as well as just all and all tired and kinda achy. Meaghan was saying she had a stuffed up nose this morning too, so I hope she isn't coming down with it as well. Think Alex and I may both be taking naps this afternoon and I just take it easy today.

I didn't get to much more yesterday in the kitchen, as with all the coughing Alex did yesterday when he was down, it kept waking him up. He was coughing so bad he couldn't sleep, so he had a 25 minute nap and was wired, crabby, and very demanding for the afternoon. So needless to say, not a whole lot got done, other than picking up after him, who was being a little terror. Poor Honey has to endure the brunt of his boredom as she's the only one his size in the house during the day nowadays. I'm ready for the warm weather to get here so we can start going outside and burning some energy off.

After the girls took off with Grandma to swimming lessons, Alex, Honey, and I tried to go for a walk around the block. We took off and didn't make it too far when he tripped on an uneven part of the sidewalk and with his hands fully in his pockets, he landed on his chin. Needless to say we immediately turned around and headed back to the house, for which I was super thankful I was able to just hang onto Honey's leash and tell her FIND the gate! So she went straight to the gate as I was trying to carry him too. I turned her loose in the back yard and we went around to the garage and went in and cleaned him up. He has a nice scrape on his chin, some on his bottom lip, and a fat lip where he bit it. We got him all fixed up and went to let Honey in, and then Alex was game for going back outside, but playing in the yard. Honey ran around the yard as Alex played on the swings, and I picked up the majority of the sticks just outside the fence.

We then came in and started dinner before the girls got home and Daddy came home not too long after. After dinner and getting the kids too bed, I gave Amy a call. Amy is to be married soon and called her about a couple of things, as well as asking if there was anything I could help with on the wedding. :) She said she was going back and forth on possibly having Meaghan and Alex as her flower girl and ring bearer. :) She's debating whether to do that or her nephew, who is a little bit younger. Either way, we are fine with. :) Mike and I then watched the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie (staying up too late though) but it was nice to curl up together and watch a movie! :) Then went to bed and crashing until the alarm went off this morning and the kids drug me out of bed. LOL!

Well, I at least need to get the swimming towels in the washer and the suits out to hang dry, so will talk at you all later~

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