Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday- PT'ing disaster day. LOL!

Ok so today DIDN'T go so well on potty training. I think I changed more wet pants and undies than anything else today. We did have ONE success- right before bed tonight! LOL! I know, I know it takes a while and he'll be grown up before I know it. *sigh* He already is growing up so fast!

As for Mike's test, I stand corrected on that. He has his MCSA 2003. (administrator) He's studying for another test he's hoping to take tomorrow? I think, in order to get his MCSE (engineer). So asking for prayers again for that!

I feel bad for my little guy though, he's in bed and coughing a LOT. :( He has a cold, which I think had part to do with the aweful PT'ing day, he simply didnt feel good. He was whiny and laid around a lot and was curled up in his microfiber blanket that he loves. He's only been eating so so, and while I'm watching closely, he's not showing his tell tale signs of any sort of infection yet. So we haven't made a trip the dr yet. Everything is still clear and he's not been poking at his ears, so I think we are just dealing with a common cold still.

I got a lot done today though, cleaning up the kids clothes/straightening drawers and thinning out sock and underwear drawers, which was desperately needed. I also decluttered in our bedroom and re-organized the bathroom hair thing drawers. Phew, what a mess there! So we can find things again. I will start back in tomorrow here in the playroom, as I started at the bedroom end of the house and was working my way this way. Got through some of the playroom, but need to declutter the desk and next up will be the kitchen. Talk about a disaster area there... That's my worst room in the house, always is it seems. Hopefully by end of the day tomorrow, I'll have most of that tackled. ;)

Well, I'm off to see what meds I can give to Alex in hopes he'll quit coughing and probably head to bed myself. I'm tired and dragging since I've been busy and haven't been napping in the afternoons with Alex as I did last week! LOL!

Oh- the girls have 2 more days of swimming and then we have spring break next week. And then the soccer fun starts up! Both girls are playing this season, Mike coaching both teams too. So we'll be spending LOTS of time at the fields on Saturdays for a while. ;)

Night all from us and Honey!

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