Sunday, March 2, 2008

Closing Day of Men's Great Banquet #7

Last night was awesome. a came over and watched the kids for me from 4:30 to when I got home about 10:30. Becky, who is on team with me for GB too, she picked me up and we went to the church to help out with banquet stuff. Helped with the special dinner, where I stayed at the window at the kitchen and put garnishings on all the plates and handed them to the servers.

Honey was sooooo good. I was glad to get to go because it gave me a chance to familiarize her with the kitchen and I was able to see how things would work for my weekend with her. They put a curtain up across the end of the dining hall in front of the kitchen and we were behind that curtain. they had a couple of table set up by the curtain, which all the drinks were set on, well, I put her at a down/stay, clippinig her leash to the table legs and she just laid down watching everything that was going on. she was too cute too, as soon as she heard the guys coming in and sitting down, she peaked her nose through the seams in the curtains, so I dont think anyone saw her, but she was watching everyone.

So after dinner was served, I stayed put and then scraped all the dishes as the servers brought them back to the kitchen, and then they took out the desserts. then at the very end, they turned up the lights and all the severs went up and said thier name/banquet/table name. There was quite a gasp as Honey and I made our way throught he curtains and up to the microphone. Then as soon as we came out of there, we all dashed through the brides room to the chapel to get in place for the community sing. Then after the commnunity sing, we all went back to the dining hall and those of us that hadn't eaten yet, chowed down on leftovers from dinner. I then got to talk with quite a few people there, which several are on team with me. I explained about my vision and that I did have good central vision and all, and most didnt realize that I could see fine, but within the field of vision that I do have. Others worked on setting up the room for the talks and meals today, since they have to vacate the upstairs rooms for the children's ministries for church this morning, all of the talks and all are done in the dining hall during the day today.

Then after all was done eating and such, they had a community service, where it was all of the community members, basically had a short service with communion. We were going up for communion and they use the big round Hawaiian bread for this. well just as we walked up to Ryan (who gave me a ride home the other night and ADORES Honey) there was a small piece of the bread fell between his feet. Honey immediately saw it and started to go for it. I gave a quick snap on the harness to tell her no, and Ryan and I were both kinda chuckling, trying to keep from laughing as it was funny knowing yeah she's still a dog! ! So I got my communion and headed back to my seat. Then after that people started coming in for the special evening service. It's pretty intense and Dad was crying when he got to me. Gave him a huge hug and told him I Loved him.

Then Mike just grabbed me and gave me the biggest hug. He said he left a note on my coat too. Then I had all these guys hugging me and saying that Mike was such an awesome man, they were so blessed to have him as thier table leader, they were soooo happy to get to meet me and so forth. So I'm not sure what all that was about, but I'll find out tonight. Then we start filing out as we are singing the song. I told Honey to follow the lady I'd been talking with in the dining hall, she goofed and went the wrong way. I was wondering as I saw the candles going the other way and I was like oops, I think we need to go, so we headed out too, and both of us were busting up laughing. I told her I'd told Honey to follow her, and we were both giggling about it. So Becky came and we were ready to head home and I got to my coat and found the note. It about made me cry!

So I came home and the kids were in bed, stayed up until almost 2:30 working on the bags and then crawled in bed. for some reason I was unable to very well last night and was awake at 3:30, 4:30 and then the kids got me up at 7:30. We finished up breakfast and watched some tv. Hope to work on bags a bit and then will do lunch and naps. Sue will take us all to the church in our van and then drive the aztec home. I'll put the kids in the available childcare and then go to the closings. At closings will tell me there how Dad's weekend went for sure, but so far I'm thinking good. Then we'll leave and probably go to grab something to eat as it'll be like 8pm and late. I'm really excited to go. :)

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