Friday, March 21, 2008

A post for my AWESOME guide dog. :)

Yesterday the rains finally stopped and after the kids got home and Mike got home from Costco, Katie and I decided to go for a walk and Katie rode her bike. Man, am I sooooo out of shape. :( Hopefully we can work on that though. ;)

Then after we got back to the house, we went out in the back yard and Alex came out and we played for a bit, chatted with the neighbor, and Honey met the neighbor dog behind us, Wilson, for the first time. :) That was fun, as they ran and played back and forth up and down the fence. :)

So in this post, I'd like to share some pictures of my puppy and her sibblings from when she was little. :)

Honey- Female Golden Retriever Guide
Birth Date: March 22, 2006
Sire: Nugget Dam: Rosie
Littermate Siblings:
Casey - Guide
Dottie - Breeder
Riva - Breeder
Jake - Career Changed
- living the good life as a pet! :)

Pictures of the family!
Jake, Riva, Honey, & Casey

(I think I got that order right...)

The Same Four- August 2006

Honey in coat:

Riva and Casey:

Honey in the tub:


Honey at the bakery:

Honey with one of her AWESOME PW's! :)

Honey at the Firestation:

Rei,Me,Honey,Ms.Libby and Paul

At the Mall?


Casey's Graduation picture:

The first time we met- She was NOT too sure of me! LOL!:

Our Graduation Picture:

In her bed:

With a Stuffed Animal- She LOVES stuffed animals! LOL!:

How she usually sleeps:

An video of Jake:

I want to say a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Thank you to all of you Puppy Walkers, Puppy Rasiers, whatever you are called, for you diligence and dedication to raising these dogs to help those of us who need them to regain the independence and confidence to be a whole person again.

You have no idea what this means to us and we cannot express in words enough the Thanks for all that you do and endure in teaching these pups and then giving them away.


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