Monday, March 24, 2008

It's Time to Potty Train!

Good Morning All!

This morning marks the start of aggressive potty training. Alex has been off and on about it and knows what he's supposed to do, but with all the crazies going on, we hadn't really focused on it and made it a priority. So now is the start of it. So we are armed with many pairs of knit pants and a stack of undies and have started. So far we have success, with one trip to the potty and dry undies. :) Wish us luck that it continues, as we normally have a mid morning #2, so hopefully we can get that one in the potty too! ;)

Also have lots to do today, a few emails to respond to, some hamburger to brown up, clothes to fold and put away, as well as general pick up. So doubt I'll be around much on the puter today.

Wish Mike luck as he is at this very moment taking the exam to upgrade his MCSE server 2000 certification to MCSE server 2003. Praying that he passes it, since it's the last month they offer this and he hadn't been able to study as much as he'd wanted. *fingers crossed and knees on the floor for this one*

Alrighty, I hope you all have a good one and bbl once I get word on how things went on Mike's test!

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