Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Whew! What a couple of weeks!

It's been super busy these past couple of weeks. As Mike and I were busy finishing bags for the Women's banquet, I had team meetings still for being on team for this past weekend, then there was the bachelor party and wedding for our good friend Mike M. He and Amy were wed the weekend between our banquet weekends and Mike was the best man. Then I had my Banquet weekend itself. We also had the follow up ENT appt for Alex and got our taxes done too. :) Then this week we've had swimming lessons for the girls and Katie's spring school program, which we found out monday that she WAS the Little Red Hen for this play- The Little Red Hen!

Where to start... Guess I'll start with the bags for banquet weekends. Here is Mike working on the bags- putting the last of the tags on them:

And then here's the close up of them:

And all 80 of them for the Women's weekend:

We had Mike M's wedding, which Mike hosted the bachelor party at the bowling alley with all the guys. :) The wedding itself was beautiful, Mike was Best Man, I did a reading, and we took the kids with too. Kind of a mistake with Alex. *sigh* He was just wild and without a nap all day. So it was me, three kids, and a dog. oops, not a good combo for me... But we survived, though I was worn out and beyond frustrated by the time we left the reception at 7:30. We did get some pics of us though:

Mike with the wedding coordinator:

Alex in his suit:

Mike and the kids:

Mike and I:

We then went and got our taxes done last Wednesday and got a NICE return! Whoo hoo! We've gone back and forth on it and after giving it some thought, we've decided we are going to take the girls to Disney world! I was wanting to take Alex, but after the day at the wedding with him, there is just no way he'll make it through the day and we'll all be struggling to have a good time- trying to fit his naps in, keep him under control, etc. So Aunt Nancy has offered to keep him for us while we go. This is a surprise for the girls, and we have only told Katie we are going on vacation, but not telling her where. ;)

Then on Thursday morning, we took Alex back to the ENT. His appt went VERY well. Actually, we realized that morning, that he had actually had a cold the week before and got well from it WITHOUT it turning into a sinus infection. A WONDERFUL first for him! Dr. Phillips said that his nose and sinuses looked MUCH better. All the extra mucous was gone and he was clear and not inflammed, unlike when we brought him in before. He said it seems we've hit the right course of action for him and we are to continue the nasonex spray and otc zyrtec, and then come back in 6 months for a follow up to see how we are doing. If things get worse though, such as he goes back into a sinus infection, then we are to call, but hopefully we wont need to! *fingers crossed*

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