Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Men's Great Banquet #7completed and successful! :)

Man, what an awesome weekend! It was soooo awesome to see God do his work and change the hearts of soooo many good guys. Dad included. :) I can't wait for Sue and her Mom to go through in 2 wks. :)

I forgot to mention too that we occupied ourselves on Saturday by making LOTS of fudge and 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies for the guys. :) We made 10lbs of fudge- 6lbs of chocolate and 4 lbs of peanut butter. Kept 2lbs of the chocolate here for us to enjoy. Boy that sack was SUPER heavy, but from what I'm told the guys were all digging into it AND it kept the kids entertained for the day helping out with it. :) Whoo hoo!

I was a little late for the closings, as I goofed and thought it was later than it was, but all worked out good.

I got the 30 bags sewn up that we had embroidered, just have 10 more to sew handles on and sew up the sides on. Then we got 9 bags back from the mens weekend, so we have 21 bags left to do in 2 wks. :) So we are in pretty good shape. Just gotta keep working on them.

This weather is crazy here in IN, as Sunday it was 70 degrees, today it's barely making 30's and it rained all day yesterday and has been sleeting all afternoon. :( I'm sooooo done with winter and ready for Spring to show up!

Tonight I have a meeting for GB and next week will be our last meeting before the weekend! Whoo hoo!

So better run and get my stuff for Honey and I together for tonight.

Later Gaters!

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