Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Trip to the Zoo

Mike got home about 4:30 this morning and slept in for a good while. He got up about 10 and then we ate lunch and decided to use our zoo membership we have. :) We decided to take the kids and it's such a BEAUTIFUL day out. It's in the upper 60's, bright and sunny, and just wonderfull for being out. So we wetn to the zoo, THAT was a new experience....

Going in, an employee stopped us and she was fine with us, but warned us that sometimes the animals can become spooked with the dog being there. So we were like ok, no biggy, any place we should stay away from? She was like no, I'm just letting everyone know on the grounds that there is a service dog on the premises.

So we go through the oceans encounter first, which was pretty cool. They've re-done it and Alex was a little scared at first seeing all the sharks swimming around, but when we asked him if he remembered Grandpa and Grandma's fish tank, that this was just a REALLY big fish tank, then he was fine with things.

Honey was hilarious, she too had to presh her nose against the glass and was watching the fish swimming back and forth.

She did good though, leading me around things and people. I just had a problem with the girls walking right in front of me and tripping me up, coming from the side right in front of us. So was a little peeved at them, until the 3rd or 4th time it happened and I kinda blew up at them about it. From then on, one had to hold my hand and the other had to hold Mike's hand- who was pushing the stroller. But that took care of pretty much all of the issue.

Then we went on through and on to the desert pavillion and that was sooooo cool! There was a meerkat exhibit and they had it where they put tunnels down where you could see them under ground. The meerkats were all interested in Honey and she stuck her nose up to the glass and 3-4 of them came running up to see what she was! People all around us were looking at them gasping. One also took a big interest in Alex, coming up and poking it's nose right at Alex there at eye level. It was cute. :)

On we went through to the plains and first saw the ostrich, then the giraffes, and the rhinos.

The lion exhibit is kind of in the middle, where you can see them from several sides as you make your way through past the other exhibits. So there was this lioness up on this HUGE rock, laying there and mike got an awesome picture of her.

I thought it was such a cool shot. Then we went on around and saw the baboons and was going on around as we heard people say that on the other side you could see the big male lion. So as we are in front of the baboons, I tell Mike that I want him to video Honey and I working, as I have all these pics of her and I together, of her alone, with the kids and such, but nothing of us working. So I Mike takes this video as we walk up to the other side to the lion exhibit.

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The male lion is laying there in the grass and the lioness up on the rock, I'm looking at her and all of a sudden she goes to a crouch position on top of the rock and then CHARGES the bars. I'm standing like 3 feet back from the rail, and then the bars are like 3-4 feet beyond that. There was a whole line of people along the rail as I was waiting for mike and the kids to catch up to me.

The lioness is intently eyeing Honey and pacing nervously and agressively up and down the bars. All the people are like OMG this is soo cool she came up to the bars and such. I'm like OH MY GOODNESS! This animal is EYEING my dog!!!! Mike had been changing the camera back to the picture setting, so he didnt realize that she was intent on Honey. I looked at him and said uh, think I better move on around, I'll be down the path, she charged the fence because of Honey.

She was getting more and more agitated Mike was like yeah, move on out of here. Then several people realized why she'd ran up to the fence as I walked off. Then several were like come back, so she'll stay here. Mike took several pictures of her pacing the fence.

Then we move on and see the zebras and elephants. Alex liked them and there were two babies. So that was pretty cool. :)

By then it was about 3pm, so figured we'd better head home, so Alex could get his nap before we got to the bible study tonight. So we are home and hanging out until dinner and bible study, Mike taking a nap to catch up on some z's too.

I did have quite a few people come up and pet without asking though, including employees which was a little irritating, but we worked through it and Honey did pretty well. It was sooooo nice, to be able to go somewhere as a family, with the kids and not be completely stressed and worn out afterwards. :) Have I said how much I LOVE having my guide dog!

Later! Off to fix dinner of some sort. :)

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