Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wednesday- trash day & back to Linen's N Things

I was really lazy getting up this morning. Alex apparently got up about 5 and went potty and Mike put him back to bed, so he slept until almost 10. Whoo hoo! I got up about 8 as Katie was just about to leave for school, gotta love that she's getting old enough to get herself ready in the mornings now. :) She got herself some cereal and I got up to make sure she was watching the time since I heard cartoons playing on tv. So she got off to school and I've caught up on emails and such.

Mike and I were had a long talk last night about various things and such. One of the things we talked about was my frustration with my weight and so forth. So this morning, Mike got an email about buying Mom a gift of Wii Fit. So looking into that, we are planning to go ahead and buy it and give that a whirl. While checking things out and such, I decided to get off my butt and go do the Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile walk video that I have, so Whoo Hooo. I got a work out in today. :) I went and did one round of boxing on the wii sports and gosh, talk about kicking my butt! I won fine, but kicking my butt in being out of shape. Then I did the wii trainer thing and *sigh* my wii fitness age was 66... :P Need to work on that some. Then I did my one mile walk/workout and definately good and sweaty by then.

Alex and I just sat down and Im TRYING to be good and not eat the second sandwich I made for me, after I got to thinking about the number of points the food I had was in Weight Watchers points.... 2 for each slice of bread, 2 for the slice of cheese, 2 for the 3 slices of turkey, 1 for the light mayo, 2 for the cheese stick, and 1 for the 1/2 bag of preztels I split with Alex. I also was good and am drinking ice water instead of coke zero. So already for the day, Im up to 12 points for lunch and then 4 points for the yogurt I ate for breakfast. So make that 16. Ok I looked up what I'm allotted for the day, and I have 26-31 points per day. So I have 10-15 left for dinner tonight....

I have to run and get in the shower, as well as get some clothes on Alex before Julie gets here to pick us up and go to Linen's N Things. Wish us luck!

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