Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Hmmm, another round of AC practice....

Mike came home from work early, after having been there until Midnight last night. He took a short nap until Katie got home and we then went to the polls to vote. Eh, where is the "neither" button to push.... ;)

So after we voted, we went up and picked up Meaghan. Katie was needing sandals, so we stopped at the good shoe store and picked up some pink columbia sandals for her. Then Mike and Alex were both needing haircuts too, so went to Sports clips to get that done. The place was in a strip mall. It had similar ceilings to Linens N Things and when the blower kicked in, it made the same loud thunk noise. Honey jumped up and looked at me and started to the door, but I called her back and told her to lay down. None of us moved- Mike, the kids and I, so she complied. She panted and shook a bit, but didn't take long to settle down to just panting. She was antsy, but she wasn't dragging me out the door like she did at Linen's N Things. So there's hope! :)

The blower was loud but it was a different sound than at Linen's N Things, so hopefully it was good practice for her to stay put and endure it. She wasn't fighting or panicked so I didn't let her go out. Then the blower shut off and after a bit, it came on again and she jumped up again, this time shaking pretty good, but she complied to stay down and laid her head down and shook for a bit. She settled down pretty much to just panting by the time we left and went next door to the Quiznos to eat dinner. She was balking at going in the door, so I told her forward to walk on down the sidewalk and did an about and came back to the door. When seeing it was a different place, she went on in without a fuss but was still a little shakey. We sat at a table and I put her up in front of my feet and she laid quietly but still shook quite a bit. We were there for a while and while she was still antsy and it was noisy (AC unit), though not as loud as the hair place, she was indeed good.

Then we got up and left to head home and she pulled some, but after saying EASY, she slowed down and then was fine once we got outside. But she was definately stressed, as she's conked out in her bean bag bed in our room already.

Julie is to come back tomorrow to take us back to Linen's N Things, so we'll see how that goes. And have a note on the door to remind me to take the camera as well. Hopefully I'll hear back from my trainer tomorrow too.

I did get the sweeper ran and the bills that had to be paid out. The laundry is all done but the socks arent folded and one load that is drying in the dryer. So I'm pretty wiped. I also got the dresses/pant suit I ordered today. :( I seriously have to do something again about this weight. Gosh I can't believe how big I've gotten again and I honestly don't know how I've gotten there, nor do I know where to get the will power to get it off. Things should calm down now with Mike's work, so I'm going to email the lady at church about a weight loss and exercise program and then we are going to get something started. If it means big changes then so be it, but I've got to do something about it.

ok off to hang for a bit and unwind, since the kids were really tripping that last nerve tonight.

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