Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Blah ~ It's a day of lots of housework for me!

With all of the craziness the last week or so, the household chores have kinda been on the backburner lately and it's really starting to show. :( So today is a day of paying bills *BOO*, laundry, running the sweeper, dishes, and so forth. If anyone finds a robot that will do these things for ya, let me know! ;)

Mike didn't get home until just after midnight last night, so we were all late getting up this morning. Mike and Meaghan were later getting out of the door this morning, but Katie made it out on time. I'm glad the weather is proving to be nice these days, such an uplift in mood and spirit too. :)

I wish I could say this week/weekend was going to be relaxing, but alas, the Weldy livelihood shant allow it, but we'll get there. Wednesday, Julie is coming back to take us back to Linen's N Things. Soccer practice that night. Then Thursday I'm on my own again with the kids as Mike is going to Big Fish instead of his extra work. Dad are you going too???

Friday, Sue, the girls, and I have the mother/daughter banquet on Friday night at Grandmother's church, which the dresses I ordered online shipped yesterday and are on thier way. To be delivered no later than Thursday.

Then Saturday we have soccer in the morning and we were invited to a grad party in the evening but I'm not so sure I want to do it with all the kids, even though it is our friend McKenna, whom we were in his wedding back in March. Maybe Mike can just go to that one.

Then for Sunday, Julie gave us tickets to a 2pm Indianapolis Indians baseball game for Sunday, so we plan to do that with the kids as long as the weather is good. We'll probably just go to the lawn and take that stuff instead of trying to squeeze into the seats with the kids and Honey.

Alrighty, I need to quit procrastinating and get at it, will talk at you all later!

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