Friday, May 30, 2008


The garage door had gone out on us- cannot remember if I've posted that yet or not, but instead of paying for a place to install it, we bought one on our own for 1/3rd the price and went to install it. Mike soon found that the new track was longer than the old one, putting the opener itself right over the light in the garage. Hmmmm..... So that meant re-wiring the garage lights, moving that light, and while at it we went ahead and bought more lights to put up in the garage so that i'd be able to see much better out there. So we now have 2 large florescent lights, a shop light, and the light bulb fixture. Why so much light? Read on...

Thats one thing that has really changed in our house, our lighting. The biggest thing with RP/Usher's Syndrome is that as the cells die off in the eye, the first thing to go is night vision, as well as the ability for the eyes to adjust to major changes in lighting. It's quite a struggle when going from bright outside to inside. Most people, thier eyes adjust quickly and the continue on. For those who have RP, it takes a good 5 minutes easily to adjust and be able to travel safely during these changes. Which is where Honey is such a blessing. I can make that trasition safely, letting her guide me during that transition phase.

So with the lighting, we have two HUGE florescent lights in our kitchen, which most people would be like GOSH thats a lot of light. For me it's perfect. Mike has been awesome too in putting under cabinet lights in each of our closets and he's even wired up another under cabinet light under my clothes and over my shoes so I can find my shoes. Thank goodness he's quite a handyman!

So for the majority of our Memorial Day weekend, Mike spend his time out in the garage working on the lights and such. I spent most of the weekend outside with the kids too, but I edged ALL of the sidewalks. Golly, I'm glad Mike does the shovelling in the winter! LOL! That's the one disadvantage to having a corner house, being twice as many sidewalks. However, it's great for the kids though in riding thier bikes, so the trade off is worth it. So I worked through the weekend with a little shovel and edged the 4+ inches of overgrowth on each side of the sidewalk. It was something that's been on our to do list for years, but just hadn't gotten to it. Hopefully we can keep it up on a regular basis now that the hard part is done. I just need to finish up the sidewalks that are in the back yard now, not much but needs done. :)

We also had soccer on Saturday morning of this weekend. Katie's team- not sure where they were this morning, as none of them were really into it. Katie seemed to get a little better as the game went on. It was a blah day in general for the u10 Red Bulls as they played a team with a lot of big kids. The U4 Red Bulls were interesting too, as two of the kids weren't there so that left Mike with 5 kids. So he put Alex in to play! :) He did well, better than I thought he would, though by the 3rd quarter, he was getting tired and was pretty much done. He'd had it with not being able to catch up and get the ball. Yet he kept trying and kept moving on the field, unlike Meaghan, who kept balking at even going out and playing at this point. But she had ran around like a crazy kid during Katie's game, playing with other kids and eaten popcorn and a hotdog, so guessing she was feeling it.

Here's some pics of them all:

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