Saturday, May 3, 2008

Been a rough couple of days...

I've just been up and down these last few days. In touch with various people and lots of tears and asking "why". I know it's all in His plan, but darn it, why is it so vague sometimes. I know, I need to trust and that's what I'm working myself towards.

Libby did send me the link to the obituary and I signed the guest book a few minutes ago.

Of course I started crying all over again, just like I did at church during the songs. *sniff* *sniff* brb, gotta grab the box of kleenex's....

We did have a pretty decent day today though. I got up and went to a large resale sale at a church and made a pretty good score on summer shorts for the kids, and some girly shirts for Meaghan. Picked up a couple of cute dresses for Katie too. :)

Then we headed out to the soccer fields and thankfully the weather was decent today, not so blustery cold and bitter like it was last weekend. I was saying several prayers of thanks over that, especially this afternoon when we headed to church and found out it'd dropped like 15 degrees outside and was COLD out.

Katie's soccer game went well, and all the kids played pretty well. Meaghan's game, it's cute to watch the 4's. Of course Meaghan is the one running around waving at Mommy and Grandma instead of watching where she'd going and trips and falls over the kids going after the ball. We are getting the feeling pretty quick that soccer isn't going to be her thing, but eh, that's ok. worth a shot to see how she did.

Tonight Mike has to go in to work for the implentation for the other outsourcing company, so he tried to take a nap, but to no avail. He's up now and getting ready to go in earlier and see if he can get some other things done and hopefully will be able to start earlier than the scheduled midnight start time, so he can get home earlier.

Well, I'm of to work on some knitting and probably fall asleep on the couch yet again. LOL!

Oh- BTW, Several people have said they didn't realize this, but if you click on the link underneath the headline: SUBSCRIBE VIA EMAIL

If you click on this link and put in your email, each day you will be sent an email of any posts I've made in the prior day, including pictures. You don't have to check the page itself, it'll be sent directly to you. Hope this helps a bit! :)

Night all!

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