Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend- Post is picture heavy

Where to start....

It's been a hectic weekend and some frustrations along the way too. Let's start with Friday...

We had a busy day trying to get stuff together and ready to go up the the Mother Daughter banquet that was at Grandmother's church. Sue picked up both Meaghan and Katie from school so that we try to make the one hour drive on time. Ugh, TRY is the optimistic word here. We left my house at 4pm and what is normally a 35-40 minute drive took an hour and 45 minutes in Friday night traffic. The girls were crabby, hungry, and Katie was getting car sick from all the stop and go. We finally made it to our destination about 6:30, just as the last people were making thier way through the line for the meal. Then as all wrapped up, we took some pictures of all of us, gave each other hugs and headed home. Honey did really well, with the long drive in the car and amongst all the people. :)

So then for Saturday. Another long day at the soccer fields, as Katie had a 9am game and Meaghan had an 11am game. So we did Katie's game, which she played really well, as did the whole team against a team that was a lot bigger than them. :) I was proud of them!

Some pics of Katie's game:

Then after Katie's game, we went over and each got a hot dog to hold us over until after Meaghan's game was over. At 11, we then were at Meaghan's game.

Before the game:

So Meaghan actually got into the game a bit, moreso than she has in the past, not the dandalion picking, running around like she has done:

Alex now has a little friend that is the lil' sis of one of the kids on Meaghan's team and they play together at all the practices and games now. They are so cute together! :)

Alex making his own tunnel for the kids to run through:

We then came home and grabbed lunch and the kids all laid down for a nap. Mike went out to mow the yard since it was supposed to storm all day on Sunday. He went out to mow and the mower wouldnt start yet again, so he took it to be tuned up and have all the wheels replaced. So while it's less than buying a new mower, it's still a good chunk. So he then came home and borrowed Dad and Sue's mower to mow the front and side yards of the hayfield we already had going. Once he finished with that, it was already time for church. Mike got cleaned up and we went to church, which afterwards we grabbed a quick bite to eat and came home and the kids and I ate, Mike scarfed down his food and went back out to finish off the back yard before it got dark and the rains moved in.

Sunday, the kids got me up with breakfast in bed. They fixed me a nice bowl of oatmeal and a chocolate muffin from church that was handed out the night before to all the moms. They also made me chocolate milk and as Mike said, they did it all on thier own, as they woke him up bickering over who was going to do what. LOL!

Our plans for the day was to either go to the baseball game that we'd been given tickets too or if it rained we'd go to the Children's Museum. Since it was storming, we decided to just go to the museum and not mess with the in and out and probable rain out of the game, however with the yucky weather, was yucky moods with the kids. They were all whiny and hard to get moving all in the same direction to get out the door. We finally got going and ate lunch on the way there and was able to get in with relatively few upsets or crying.

We started out in the dinosphere, which Meaghan was a little afraid of at first, as well as Honey was rather suprised at the noises coming from the bones standing around her. Both settled down as we were there for a bit and as the "storm" rolled in, I moved Honey over to a side area where it was lit and not in the main show area to keep her calm as possible, which she did well, just jumping up once at one loud thing of thunder and then was over it.

We then went on to see the train and mummy exhibits. Alex was all over the trains, yelling at the top of his lungs, TRAINS!!!!! Here though, the camera decided to go on the fritz. It's been acting up on me the last couple of soccer games and it finally just wouldnt turn on correctly, kept giving me an error message to turn it off and back on again. So we are in the market for a new camera. *sigh* We then went on up to the Curious George exhibit. The kids loved that area too as there was a slide for them to go down that looked like a rocket ship, a house to play in, and miniture golf.

Then we went through the super heros exhibit, where we got to see the batmobile car #8 that was used to film the latest batman movies. We moved on from there heading down to the play area where they had all the plastic "bulbs" and the kids had fun moving those around and creating thier own sculptures with them. Then we headed up and walked through a couple more things and went to the indy car, as the kids asked to sit in it and got pics of them there.

By this point is was almost 3pm and all three were melting down on us and Mike was flustered with the kids too so it was time to head home. We came home put the kids down for naps and Mike and I laid down for naps too, as we were tired and cranky too by this point. The kids woke us up at 5pm so we fixed dinner in the microwave and after getting dinner started I tried calling my mom at the only number I have for her. To my dismay, I got her voicemail and after hanging up, while waiting for dinner to finish up, I went to check email and found one there from her. After eating, we drove over to see his mom since we hadn't seen her in a good while. She was doing well and having a good evening. We stayed for about an hour or so and then came on home and put the kids to bed and I started researching cameras, garage door openers, and wondering what else is going to take up this economic stimulus check that we are supposed to get next week.

Here's some pics from the museum:

As I said, the camera is on the fritz. :(

The indy car:

Today everyone was back to work and school, and Alex and I are here for the day. We have a busy week this week and I'm still stewing on some emails I got.

Off to put Alex down for a nap and try to accomplish something today other than updating my blog. ;) Also waiting for Greg from GDF to call and let me know whether or not he will be here tomorrow or Wednesday to work with Honey and I. Hoping I can scramble and have a sitter for Alex as we work on this too.

Later all!

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Julie said...

Hi Kacie!
Sorry you couldn't use the game tickets. THe good news is you can go to the box office and exchange them for tickets to another game!