Friday, May 30, 2008

Has it really been 10 days?

Golly the time flies when you are having fun. ;)

We are doing pretty good here. Just crazy on the highway of life. :) Honey is doing great, though she's been a pretty lazy dog lately since I've been so busy around here and not been out much away from home outside the norm.

We went to see the new Prince Caspian movie at the exlusive showing for our church members, which unfortunately, I was unable to hear as the fm system didnt work. :( I'm a little upset too as I emailed the theater requesting help/resolution of this for the future and I've not heard any sort of response from anyone. So that's not set too well with me about the theater. I guess too it's a major pet peeve of mine now of theaters/places that advertise that they have fm capabilities and I'm now 2 for 2 in the last year in the places having the stuff, but it doesnt work right or the employees cannot figure out how to make it work. Honey however had a great time and snoozed through the whole thing at my feet, but said Hello! to the lady in front of us that we see each week as we get the church bulletin from her. :) She was such a good girl. :)

That night, after the movie, Aleatha, a good college friend of ours and one of our bridesmaids, came down to stay with us for a couple of days as she had a job thing here in our area. She brought her two boys, Cole, age 3 and Derrick, age 4 mos, down with her and I watched them while she was at work on Wednesday and Thursday. Alex was soooooo happy to have a buddy to play with here at home again and they played well together on Wednesday. Thursday wasn't so hot, since all were out of routine and not sleeping in their own beds- we had Alex sleeping on the girls room on an air mattress, with Aleatha and the boys in Alex's room. But naps soon resolved most issues with the two of them and the good weather allowed us all to go out Thursday evening to let off the pent up steam. :)

Some pics from Wednesday at soccer practice:

The kids playing on Wed/Thursday

However during thier stay, in order to keep the boys confined to a manageable area, I had to put up the gate. I put Honey outside the gate so she could continue to get her water and go out since it was nice out. She was NOT happy with me about his gate and whined and fussed at me quite a bit. See....

But she was happy when we all went outside. :)

Alex took a picture of me with Derrick in the Mei Tai

My Happy puppy:

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