Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We have arrived! :)

My morning started bright and early, with Dad picking me up at 5:30. I arrived at the airport and there were massive lines for all checking in. Went inside and got in line to check in my bag and had my boarding pass. I finally got my bag checked in and the clerk gave me the baggage ticket and I took off for security. Good golly, I've never seen that long of a line as many times as I've travelled. They were lined up all the way back to the split of the concourses and information desk, and 3 lines thick too.

So I waited my turn and after 20 minutes of inching my way up to the TSA officer and when I got there, I hand her my id and my envelope with what I thought had my boarding pass too. She opens it and says you need a boarding pass. I said that's all the clerk gave me, and she said sorry but you have to go back. So I grumble under my breath, ok how can I get through, as there was this mass of people behind me. I squeeze my way through and go back to the counter and got my boarding pass that the clerk had kept and then had to get back into the line again and wait my turn again. This time I get through, go through security and head down to the gate.

Since I only had 45 mins between flights at midway, so I asked for assistance. Got the the gate counter and she gave me pre-board pass and took me to the pre-board seating area. I sat there and the guy kept getting on the PA and talking about various things. I couldnt understand him and so he calls something and then calls business class. There was 4 other people sitting in the pre-board area so thought I was ok, by not going yet. Then they call the first group and I was like CRAP! I get up, get my stuff and walk up and by then he called the second group. After they all went through I said, I think you may have already called the pre-board call. He's like yeah, here you go, pick any seat but an exit row. So I was on my own to find a seat.

I make my way down to the ramp and get in line. The plane was packed and they were asking for people to take standby offers. I find a seat about halfway back and over the wing. As I got on I said again to the flight attendent this time that I needed assistance at Midway. She checked on it and said they'd have someone for me. The flight was good, really quick too. We land in what seemed up and down and I wait my turn to make my way down the aisle. Golly it's irritating the number of people that darted out in front of me thinking I couldnt see them! grrrrr....

Anywho, the attendent told me as I got to the flight deck that they had a person right there outside the door to help me. I took her arm and thankfully I kept asking because I had to go from gate b2 to b17, and it was a bit of a hike and through a bunch of people. The person took me to a seat, took my boarding pass and got me another pre-board pass and actually went to the person that did the boarding and notified them that I was there and needed assistance. I made a run for the bathroom and came back to board just a few minutes later. I was the first one on the plane this time! LOL!

So the flight from Midway to Long Island was pretty good, a bit of turbulence but not much problem at all. The landing here was actually harder and rougher than it was at Midway, but not bad. :) I got through to baggage claim and Lisa Harvey met me there. It was good to see her again, as she'd worked with Honey and I when I was here before. We talked all the way to the school and caught up on some things. :)

I got here just before lunch, so basically came in and threw my bags down and went to the dining room so they weren't waiting on me. We had soup and salad for lunch and met some of the other people on class.

After lunch, I came back to the room and unpacked my things, caught up on some emails, buzzed Mike for a bit and then decided to lay down and take a nap. I slept for about an hour and a half until Dan knocked on the door and took me on the tour of the building to make sure I knew where things where, the fire exits and so forth. :) It wasnt long after that it was dinner time! Dinner was good with a side salad and beef stew and broccoli and rice. We had ice cream for dessert and it was of course yummy!

Lecture was at 6:30, so came back to the room for a few, called home to tell the kids good night and then headed downstairs to the bereavement lecture. It was really good and helped a lot. I was able to say a lot of things and feel like I got a lot off my chest and was able to talk to actual people about what had happened. I also said out loud for the first time, really to anyone that I felt guilty over retiring Honey, as though I let the Thomas' down in doing so. I can't describe the weight that feels like it's been lifted now from my shoulders.

Amazingly, we talked until almost 9pm and everyone is heading to bed. I'm really tired, so think I'm going to go raid the snack basket for some comfort food and get my jammies on. Will probably ball this skein of yarn I brought with me and then call it a night and while I didn't think I was on the plane, I think I am truly ready for Dog day tomorrow and that I can now say that with some excitement. :)

Night all!

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