Friday, October 24, 2008

We've had a good morning this morning. We met in the leather lounge after breakfast and they talked to us about activities for the day. They told us they'd split us up into our groups and we'd work on obedience with our trainers. Which was definately good for Rei and I. She is definately being a knucklehead right now about the sit command and the stay command. I've been giving it to her and she's just acting like I've said nothing... So getting a little more forceful about it now. I don't like being that way, but until we get it, I'll do it.

We then went downstairs with Lisa and worked on obedience, where she worked with us on the sit/stay, walk away and come back and then bring them to heel. Then we repeated with the down/stay. After this, we did a sit/stay and had them Come on command. The other thing that I'm having to stay on top of with her, is not swinging out when she sits. Boy I told Lisa I sure realize how easy I had it with Honey now. LOL! But that's ok, we'll get there soon. :)

We all then came back upstairs and Lisa and I talked for a few minutes about tips on working with these things and she asked if I wanted to go ahead and so the stair work. Said sure and we went and worked on those, which a few of the things were forgotten, so was good to do the work again. :)

So we are back here in the room and waiting for lunch. :) Suzi and the others in our group will be doing thier stair work now. Rei is snoozing here by my side and I'm seriously considering setting the alarm and taking a nap. LOL!

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