Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday of the first weekend at GDF

We got up bright and early again and made our way out to the break area. Rei of course did her business quickly and we were back inside. Still we have not taken our dogs to the dining room with us, so put her on tie down and headed down for breakfast. We had english muffins, eggs, bacon, and cooked potatoes for breakfast.

Since we were running a little later, we quickly headed to the gathering area to load up on the bus and loaded up in the bus and the van. We went back to Kings Park again for the U shaped walk we did yesterday. Suzi and I stayed on the van and chatted until it was our turns and I worked on some knitting. When it was my turn, I put on my walkie talkie with the neckloop and we went out to the road and breaked Rei.

We harnessed up and headed down to the path and went full out. :) It was soooo awesome yet again. She didn't even pause for the monument this time and we blew around the path in quick fashion. :) We did have to stop once as she started acting like she needed to go potty, but she only quickly peed just a tiny bit, but we went on and was good.

We got back to the van and she quietly laid down and was good until one particular pup came on the bus. I wonder if they were kennel mates or something because each time we've crossed paths with this other pup, she has literally tried to pounce on her and wanted to rough house and play. So we got the dogs separated from their playful antics and she settled down and we chatted with those around us until it was time to head back to the school. We got back and watered and breaked the dogs again . Then we put them on tie down and headed down to a lunch of ham/cheese sandwich, chips, and a pickle.

After lunch, I was just feeling really tired, so I came back to the room and called Mike quickly, getting to talk to the kids too. :) Suzi and I planned to meet up at 3 to work on InDBA stuff some more and I decided to lay down and take a nap. It felt soooo good to get in a 2 1/2 hr nap in, waking up not too long before 3pm, so headed down to the snack room with my tablet and pen, a can of coke zero and some snacks. :) Suzi came down soon and we talked and worked through the retreat stuff for InDBA and before we knew it, it was 4:30 and time to go feed, water, and break our dogs and head to dinner.

We did so and dinner was rigatoni noodles in meat sauce with broccoli. After dinner, I went and got Rei out of the room and decided I'd take her back to the snack room with me since she'd been on the tie down all afternoon. Just before I clipped on the leash, she grabbed her nylabone, which is very well roughed up by now, and I asked her if she was going to take it with her. She wagged her tail and moved to the door as if to answer me and say she was indeed. I was thinking of taking it with us anyway so she'd have something to do while we were sitting down there. So I opened the door and told her to sit, as every other time she's then dropped the bone. Well, she kept it in her mouth and we made our way out the door, bone coming with. LOL! We get to the first door and she does her sit on command and we head on down to the snack room, she carried her bone the whole way. LOL!

So we settled down and Suzi brought her pup with and the two of them settled down by our feet and we continued to work through the rest of the retreat stuff. We made a really good plan for the weekend, meals set, and so forth. We also have a list of stuff for each of us to do and accomplish, so we have a good plan of action in place as well. After we got all this worked out, we planned out the meetings for InDBA for all of 2009, and Suzi will be reserving the meeting dates at Crossroads in Indianapolis for these dates for our general meetings. :)

So we continued working on all of this stuff through 8:30 break and just took the dogs out again and Rei did her business quickly. We came back in and I'm here listening to the podcast from church and typing up this post and will soon type up the stuff for the retreat and meetings to disperse soon.

Not real sure what we have on the agenda for tomorrow, but we'll find out soon enough. :)

Night all!

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