Monday, October 13, 2008

Wow, it's been C-R-A-Z-Y

We have had an insanely busy and crazy time lately!

Soooooo, back to Alex's surgery. He finally improved and by Friday night he slept through the night for the first time. You talk about one TIRED mom and dad too. By Thursday night I had Mike getting up and soothing him back to sleep, as I got the impression he was waking more and actually getting up because it was me, where with Dad, he knew he had to lay back down and go back to sleep, so think that was part of the success for a full night of sleep on Friday night. I was still po'd at the doctors office, as I'd called and no one returned my call. Then Friday night, I called the on call dr- had him paged, and again NO CALL BACK! Grrrrr, I didn't push it because after no responses, I'd asked the mom friend of mine that has been through this and she made some suggestions of Ocean Spray instead of the Afrin they'd given us and it worked immensely better. Then reading through the sheets, it mentioned giving sudefed, so Mike picked up some and that made a world of difference too.

I stayed home with Alex during soccer on Saturday morning, and Alex was not happy about that, but got him busy around the house with me and he was ok with things. Also, the Women's banquet was that weekend. I went to the Saturday evening meal at 5:30 and stayed through the night activities until about 10:30 pm. Came home and Mike and I crashed hard and we got up and worked on stuff around the house that was desperately needing done. We then had closing ceremonies for GB and after that, went to Bible Study and visited for a short while before all headed home and crashed.

Then I found out from email, that my "partner in crime" and good friend, my treasurer of InDBA, Suzi, got the call too to go to NY and receive her guide dog as well!!!! Oh man, you talk about me being estactic! We get to be on class together and while I haven't confirmed it with Suzi, my understanding is we are actually flying home together! :) That'll be a sight- two ladies with thier guide dogs walking through the airport! LOL!

So on Monday, I was back and forth on emails with GDF and catching up on things. I also called the doctors office AGAIN for Alex and again, no call back. GRRRR..... We were busy all week, as we had Meaghan's class at the library on Tuesday. Wednesday was soccer practice, Thursday was Katie's Open house at the school. Friday and Saturday, I had my first Partners in Policymaking Class! VERY cool! Met a lot of real neat people and learned a LOT of good things and did a LOT of networking too! Kind of excited about going to NY, so I can use the down times to get some planning done for InDBA and hoping Suzi will be willing to join me in some of that and possibly hash some things out for our weekend retreat we'll be having next summer! :)

Over the weekend, I thought I saw some really bright green yucky stuff from Alex's nose Friday morning and then Mike said he was draining green Saturday. Yesterday morning, Alex woke up and it was then draining pretty clear on the left side. Ever since his surgery, he's had not out and out bleeding, but just general bloodiness in his nose, particularly the right side. It's been this constant trickle of blood, and it'd be caked all over his nose area when he'd wake up in the mornings and from naps. It'd really start up after using saline spray in his nose too, and then last night, looking up his nose, I have no clue how he's breathing. the whole inside of his right nostril is just clogged with bloody gunk and the left wasn't much better.

So this morning I called the dr's office again, and basically made it known that I was NOT happy that my calls hadn't been returned and that I'd greatly appreciate it if someone would call me back about my son's bleeding nose. About 20 minutes later, I got a call from the nurse and she said they wanted to see him, so we are headed to an appt at 1:30, which isn't too far off, so I need to get moving nad make sure Meaghan and I are ready when Anne Marie gets here with Alex.

This week though is going to be busy, as tonight we plan to work on getting our Halloween decorations up. I got all the stuff out of the boxes and laid out that goes inside, and then laid out all of the outdoor stuff, except a couple of things. Also got the spikes put into all the pumpkins and those are ready to put out too. :) Tomorrow we have Meaghan's library class- take the books to the library to donate, and then tomorrow night is the GB gathering. Wednesday night is the LAST soccer practice! Yay!!! Thursday night Mike has Big Fish- Men's ministry Dinner, Friday night Alex gets to go play at Grandma and Grandpa's. Saturday is the last set of Soccer games. YAY!!!! And while the soccer league is having thier end of season bash, we are going to go to church and spend an evening together as a family since I'll be leaving for NY next Wednesday. I'm hoping maybe we can go get some pumpkins and carve those and play games together for the evening. Sunday we'll have Bible Study group too and I may have a baby shower. I have to double check on that since the momma went into labor and delivered early! So not sure what is up with that...

Alright, it's time to get my butt in gear, so will update once we get home from the dr!

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