Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday morning

Ok Im up and moving... a bit. Just got Katie out the door and LOTS on my plate today.

No sooner than I'd posted on here, he woke up screaming yet again and sitting up truly in a panic. I went in the room saying he was alright and he calmed down and laid back down on his pillow and then after a few minutes closed his eyes. I told him I'd be back in a minute, went and got a blanket and pillow and when I came back he was starting to get upset again and told him I'd lay there on the floor in the room with him. I did so and we both fell asleep.

Then about 4am, he was crying and fussing again, laying on his belly and off the pillow, and I could see that his bed was wet. turned up the light a little bit and he'd leaked through his night time pull up. So got him down out of bed, saying a few times "Alex, this is Mommy" and he woke up enough that he didnt freak out. Then I laid him on the blanket I had and he was upset. Got him out of his wet jammies and pull up and tried to get him to take some motrin, since it'd been 5 hrs. He immediately crawled under his bed and out of reach. I told him ok, come here and lay down on the blanket and pillow and didn't push the motrin. He laid down and promptly fell back to sleep on "my" bed. LOL! I grabbed his pillow and another blanket and laid down beside him.

Mikes alarm started going off at 5:30 and woke me up since I had my hearing aids in yet to hear it. Alex fussed a bit in his sleep and I went and asked Mike to get him to take his medicine. He had to fight with him a bit but got him to take it about 6am, and he was screaming. So I took him and we laid down in my bed and both of us conked out hard until Katie came and woke me up at 7:30.

He woke up shortly after and is on his second bowl of cereal. I got some tylenol down him easily a few minutes ago and did his ear drops and we are trying Ocean spray intead of the Afrin at the recommendation of a friend who's been down this road several times. We'll see if there's any improvements there.

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