Sunday, October 26, 2008


Oops, I had planned to write about this link and got tired doing so on the other post and forgot to erase the link.

Mike sent me this link from MSNBC, which is about a service dog in training being denied access to a hotel in Indianapolis.

Mike commented to me that maybe Suzi and I could organize a protest when we got home. LOL!

An excerpt from the article:

Preston explained under Indiana Law, service and guide dogs are allowed in public places. The law also applies to dogs in training.

"The law is very clear that says someone who is training an assistance dog has to be given the same accommodations as someone with a disability that has an assistance dog," said Preston.

This type of stuff just infuriates me! Here is the link to thier "contact" us page... Send an email of your thoughts to this company for not following the law and for thinking they can avoid answering for thier actions...

off to bed now! :)

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