Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday afternoon

After talking with a mom friend that has been through this stuff with several of her kids and the last one back in February, she let me know that the codiene still tastes nasty with flavoring and that for her kids, it caused them to wake up and such. She also suggested using Ocean spray mist for his nose instead of the Afrin, that the Afrin tended to dry up and not work well, especially if they are especially congested. She mentioned that with her kids, keeping them on a tylenol/motrin rotation worked much better and also worked through the scab fall offs around day 5 too.

So he had Motrin at 6am, told him he didn't have to take his yucky medicine anymore if he'd take the yummy stuff, so he readily took a tylenol tablet at 9 and he thought it was great fun to squirt his nose several times with the Ocean spray that we had from when he had the croup earlier in the year. Then he was happy to take the motrin again at noon and spray his nose again just before lunch.

Since he had wet through his pull up last night, I stripped his bed and have been working on laundry today since it was piling up from being busy with him the last few days. So stripped his bed and told him he was laying down to take a nap and gave him the choice to sleep in Katie's bed, in the room with Meaghan or in his bed. He said he wanted to sleep in his bed, so we made up his bed with his favorite sheets and microfiber blanket. He helped me make it and then climbed up there on his own and I gave him a tylenol tablet at 2 and he took it no problem and sprayed his nose again, laughing about it. :) Then he laid down on his own and I think he was out cold in less than 2 minutes w/o a fuss!

I'm seriously debating whether to sew bags or to take a nap. Im leaning towards setting the timer for an hour and having Katie (who had a half day today) wake me up when it goes off and then work on sewing bags.

I'm just relieved I'm starting to get my kid back!

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