Monday, October 27, 2008

Soap eating dog....

Ok, I'm calming down now. LOL!

We are feeding our dogs in the bathroom, where we can put he stainless steel bowl on our bathmats so that if they spill water, there's not water every where- or at least that's the theory. ;)

Anywho, I've been feeding Rei, with her leash on so I can grab her if needed. I have her sit at the door as I scoop out the food, leash laying on the ground/dragging by her and she sits/stays until I blow the whistle to eat or call her to drink. And being the Lab, she tears to her bowl and within seconds, the food is GONE.

So lets back up to yesterday... I took a bath the night before and yesterday morning, I feed Rei and since I was running late, I leave her scarfing down her food and came out and put my shoes on. I finish up and look into the bathroom and she's standing in the tub, checking things out. I tell her to get out of there not thinking anything of it and we go about our business.

This morning, I take my shower and I'm like hmmmm, where's the soap? I know I left it here on the soap rest. I climb out of the shower, all wet, and grab a new bar of soap off the sink and unwrap it and proceed with my shower. After getting dressed, I feed Rei as usual and I'm standing there at the sink, combing my hair - trying to multi-task, which is pretty much what I do all the time, being a mom of 3 kids. LOL! So I hear her leash jingle and I turn to see Rei standing in the tub and looking at me. Right behind her head is the soap rest and NO bar of soap. Immediately I realized what had happened to both bars of soap! LOL!!!!

I got her out of the tub, put her on tie down and rushed to the hallway and got Lisa to ask her if it would hurt her. She said no, but to keep her on leash and stand and watch her from now on when she's eating and that she may have some loose stools, but she'll be fine.

Good golly, I'm gonna have to watch this girl like a hawk, just like I do Alex! LOL! :) We're learning! :)

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