Monday, October 13, 2008

Home from the dr.

We went and while the dr. said everything was normal, adenoids are healing well, he went ahead and "sucked" out Alex's nose/sinus' with the little suction tube thingy he had. Alex thought it was funny and tickled. :) Dr. Phillips said that he was really, really congested, so he suctioned him out to help him breathe a little better.

We then went to chik-fil-a and Anne Marie was needing something to eat, since her blood sugar was all wonky. Meaghan had a major meltdown leaving there, resulting in my pulling her out of the van and in the flailing she was doing, she caused me to trip as I was making my way back up to the sidewalk. I landed HARD. *sigh* I'm sore in the shoulder, I think I broke a blood vessel between my first and second fingers, as it puffed up immediately and kinda turned bluish, but went down fairly quickly. I ripped 2 major holes in the left knee of my jeans and golly did I have a mightly scrape. I'm waiting to take the jeans off and see what kind of black and blueness I have there. ;) However through it all, while Meaghan did kinda skin her knees, I did manage to keep her from being scraped at all and she wasn't hurt at all.

We got home and it wasn't too long until Mike got home and we worked on putting up almost all of the Halloween decorations. Will try to take pictures tomorrow of all that.

Alrighty, gotta get kids to bed so ttyl!

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