Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ok so Im doing an awful job of keeping up on this right now...

Life has been getting the better of me lately, being busy with sick kids, lots of committments and so forth, so going to update with quick and dirty versions to get caught up. LOL!

Last Tuesday-

Bob Weiss, the director of the training program at GDF came out to do the in home training with us. He came Tuesday morning and we talked about the various things I wanted to cover and walks to do and so forth. We discussed working at Chuck E Cheese, going to the nursing home, walking with the wagon, and the really tough intersection/dirt pile that I have to cross in order to get to the library/store/anything else.

So we started off by going to the intersection first. Once there, Bob was like wow, what a doozie. Basically the only way I can navigate the intersection is to cross the street, turn and walk in the street facing traffic and get around the corner as quickly as I can, and then get up on the grass and then make my cross over the other street if I'm going that way. Bob said to NOT bring the kids through there until that was taken care of and that I should call the city and really stress how important it was that this was taken care of as quickly as possible for my safety.

So we did the walk, and thankfully with it being during the day it wasn't super busy, so we crossed over, then crossed over Tilden and walked on up to the license branch for practice. I did learn the proper way to do parking lot crossing, which we hadn't covered in class. We went in and practiced going in and getting in line, then we came on back out and headed back to the house and talked for a few minutes and decided to drive down to Chuck E Cheese and give that a try, in hopes of finding something that had lots of kids and lots of noise with all the games and such.

We took off and we got there shortly after 11 and there wasn't hardly anyone there. Maybe 3-4 moms and about 6-8 kids. But this worked out well anyway, as it wasn't overload for Honey, as at first the lights and noises were really distracting to her. She worked, but her head was moving all over the place, assessing everything, whether or not it was safe and so forth. We walked back and forth, in and out of the games, and tried to migrate to where the kids were playing so she'd have the exposure to that. She really was intent on watching and assessing whether or not it was safe to walk under the tunnels with the kids crawling and thumping through those. We stopped often with lots of praise for a really good job and she calmed down as time went on. We were there probably for a good hour, and we decided to come back on Wednesday to see if there would be more kids around and how she did with the noises and such. So we drove back to the house and broke for lunch.

After lunch, Bob came back to the house and we made our way over to the nursing home, then walked back to to the entrance of the neighborhood across from it, and walked the large loop around it and back into the back side of our neighborhood. I had to do some corrections, as there was a pine tree that had outstretched branches right at head height that she was missing, so we had to re-work that a couple of times. We came back later and she was on it then, knew that she had to watch for it and took me around it that time. :) We also walked by the house where the nusiance dog lives and I have to admit, since my phone call to animal control, I haven't seen it at all, so hopefully that is taken care of! :)

We got back to the house and talked about the plans for Wednesday, and we decided that we'd try going to Chuck E Cheese again, going to Jump N Play - a play place with a bunch of jump houses, and do a few more walks. Bob took off and I then worked on housework, trying to get a few things done before Alex came home from Stacey's.

We had Great Banquet team meetings that evening, so we too the kids to Sarah's, a wonderful lady who has very graciously given her time to watch all three kids for us each week for 6 weeks while we are at the team meetings. We got home to find out that Alex had gotten sick in the car on her when she was bringing them home to put to bed. Little did we know this was going to be the start to a long week of sick kids. :(

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