Friday, February 1, 2008

Ok, it's official, she has a new bed! LOL!

Yep, it's true. LOL! Mike and I were headed to bed and he had gotten in bed, and Honey came in to the bathroom where I was doing my business, came up and got a rub on the ears and then took off, which I saw her turn to the right, headed back to the other end of the house. I turn the light out and call her to Come, as I was walking into our bedroom and no answer. I call her again, though not loud, as the kids are all asleep at our end of the house too, so was trying to be quiet. Still no Honey. Mike says hmm, should you correct her for not coming? I say yeah, probably so, since she should come, and I was perplexed as she normally comes running when I command her to come.

So I take off to find her and turn the light on in the hallway, and dont see her. Turn on the light in the playroom, no Honey. I'm thinking darn where'd she go!? Turn on the kitchen light, still no dog and last place, in the living room and there she is curled up in the bean bag again. LOL! So she didn't hear me. LOL!

So I tell her to come on, she hops up and I'm like OK, I'll bring your new bed down to the bedroom. So I put it down and she curls up in the bean bag, a VERY happy camper. LOL! No, my dog isn't spoiled! LOL!

Shout out to Cay- thank you so much for the new toy! It came yesterday and she loves it! :)


Cookie's Mommy said...

pic pic!!!! lol!

Pam from db fishbowl said...

The Pampered Princess Puppy Rules!!

I bet is you put a fleexe blanket cover on it she will love it even more!!!

I have lots of ways to pamper your Princess!! hehehe...

Shari said...

My hubby's dog, the one he had when we were dating till three years after we were married, had a bean bag for a bed, too. He had a covering over it, too. She loved sleeping in it. That brought back memories...:)

After all that hard work guiding you, the pooch deserves a comfty bed. :)

Stacie said...

lol...our dog takes over anything like that too.