Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ok, so she's a guide dog, but she still a DOG....

If you'll take a look at Meaghan's cake, you'll see the end of it is cut off... Honey had helped herself to BOTH birthday cakes just before the birthday party on Sunday. *sigh* We've caught her several times putting her paws up on the countertop and getting to food thats been left there. She will only do it if I leave her loose and am not in the room. I talked with Bob about it before he left and his best suggestion was just that we have to be aware of where she is all the time and stay on top of her. Which I know, and made me all the more aggravated at this incident. I'd kept the cakes up on the washer and dryer overnight to keep them safe from both kids AND dog. So the morning of the party, I was running around, like a crazy woman trying to get things done and stressing already.

Urrggghhh, I set up the island with the cakes and went and took a shower. I almost put her in the bathroom with me, but she'd left things alone all morning and was asleep on her blanket whenI went to get in the shower. I swear, I wasnt in there 15 minutes and I ran out towel around me, gut telling me to go look. Sure enough, she'd been eating on them. I just cried... It'd been a long week/day anyway. I grabbed her by the collar and took her to the bathroom with me as I knew Dad was on his way over soon, so I could finish getting some clothes on. I then started to cut off the part where she'd gotten into, thankfully mostly just on one end on Meaghan's cake and just one part on Mike's cherry cake. Dad arrived and finished cleaning it up as I finished getting myself ready. I was just in tears and everyone came in and knew what'd happened and Mike didnt even have to say the "I told you so" that I knew was coming, since he'd asked me before he left with the kids if the stuff would be ok there and leaving her loose. Several people thought it was pretty funny, others were eh about it. I just had to let it go as there wasn't a darn thing I could do about it. The party went pretty good though, and the kids all had a good time.

However, since she ate so much cake, she didnt want her dinner that night, along with all the excitement but I did leave it down and she ate it a little later. She did her routine normally yesterday morning when she got up, and did her normal routine of #2 at 5-5:30 after I'd waited for her trying to get her to eat. She didnt eat her food again last night at her usual dinner time, but came back and did a little later. Anyway, at 7:30, she kept going to the doors, so I took her out and she pee'd. I asked her to get busy again and she came back up to the curb, and since she'd just done #2 the last time I'd taken her out, I took her word for it and didnt push the issue. Well, as we were getting the kids ready for bed, at 8pm, she was panting, pacing back and forth kept coming up to us and acting like she wanted to go out. But since I'd just been out with her, I told her to wait, and was going to take her out after I got the kids down. We thought she was wanting to go out and play, which I admit, I've been so busy the last few days, I hadn't gotten out with her each day as I usually try to do. Well, she pooped on the floor. You could tell she was really upset about it and had her tail between her legs and knew better. We cleaned it up and didnt make a big deal out of it, as she was trying to tell us she needed to go.

Well this morning, we got up and she wouldnt get out of her bed. I mean she stayed put even though everyone else was up and moving around. I was beginning to get worried that something was wrong, as it was totally not her. We did get up a little late this morning, but I usually take her out after everyone else goes out the door, so it wasn't late for her. I got people moving quickly and actually was early for taking her out, and found she'd pooped by the door. So I'm sure it's because of the cake and she's not used to feeling like she has to go that bad/that much. I cleaned it up and didnt correct her or anything, but then took her out.

I hope that was the last of it and we've not had anymore problems so far today. Maybe she'll learn to leave the food alone! HA!

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Erin & Midnight said...

hmm..maybe she did maybe she didn't!

At least she didn't get diarrhea because of it...like SOMEONE who just recently went through something like that.
That is ABSOLUTELY no fun to clean out of carpet.
Also I don't remember if I told you but I got an update on Rei!
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