Friday, February 1, 2008

Snow, snow go away - better said, Winter go away!

Ok so I'm am sooooo done with the cold and winter, ready to see the green and for spring to shed it's blooms upon us again, but the kids didnt really think so. Here's what they were doing this morning, before Katie got on the school bus, late mind you since there was a 2 hour delay this morning for school. We were indeed very fortunate that we didn't get nearly the snow up through now that they'd forcasted, but with the way it's coming down at the moment, I think we may have just been delayed in getting it! It's snowing hard, blowing almost straight sideways! ACK!

Here's Katie and Alex having fun on the sled:

Of course with Honey overseeing everything:

Well, I'd probably better get to fixing lunch, it's almost noon and haven't done hardly anything. LOL!

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Pam from the db fishbowl said...

Kacie...what did you find out about her puppy raisers? What did they share with you and what were they like?