Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Wednesday- Day of Shopping & the Vet

Wednesday, Sue came over and picked Honey, Alex, & I up and we went to pick up the last of the family pictures up as well as take care of a couple of others that needed some attention. I have to say a brag here, as for the most part, I've been very diligent about makeing sure I brush Honey every day.

I was horrible and didn't do that with my two pet dogs we'd had, but with the immense love, devotion, and flat out laying her life on the line for me at times, I feel like it's the least I can do for Honey. So I try to make sure I take the time to brush her and to take her out in the back yard and play with her, throwing her Kong toy and just all and out playing with her. :)

Well, back to the brag.... We went to pick up the pictures and Kim, the lady that took them, she asked me, do you brush her everyday? She's BEAUTIFUL! I replied that indeed I did, or at least tried to, and she was like it really shows! It just made my heart swell with pride that my hard work is paying off and with all the compliments I get on how georgeous my dog is. :)

So after chatting for a while there, we all loaded up in the car and headed down to the next town over for some shopping. We went to Hobby Lobby to check out the new store, as neither Sue or I had been in there. Can we just say La la La la La! I haven't been able to travel through a store in that much ease in I don't know how long! Honey navigated me through all the glass shelving with nicknacks and with complete ease. Hey, shopping was even a little bit fun! :D So we looked around at the yarn and knitting stuff, as well as through the baskets for Sue. She was on the hunt for some specific baskets for some DVD storage. We didn't really find anything that fit the bill there, so we figured we'd head on over to JoAnne's, so I could pick up a piece for my sewing machine and check out thier baskets as well.

We go across the street, and I guess Im still getting used to the looks and stuff of people. I head on in through the detectors and this older woman had this look of horror/amazement that I'd just walked in with a dog. I think it finally dawned on her that Honey was a guide, but oh well, I didnt stick around to find out if she did or not. We went on our way and I got my sewing machine part and then we were in luck! Sue found a nesting set of baskets with liners that were really nice, and so we were set to go! :) We head on up to pay for them and while Sue and Alex were in line, I went ahead and walked on down to the other end of the strip mall to the Factory card outlet. I needed some stuff for Meaghan's upcoming birthday.

I head on in and Honey guided me up the aisles until I found the Disney Princess stuff. YAY! :) So we are standing there and I'm looking through the stuff and Uh OH! I hear that noise of a dog getting sick. :( Sure enough, she had gotten sick on the floor a bit. Apparently this isn't too uncommon to happen, especially if the dog is hungry and doesn't have anything in it's stomach. And of course I didn't have any paper towels with me. I was contemplating going up to the desk and asking for some paper towels, when Sue and Alex (in a cart) came up the aisle. Sue took off and got some paper towels and cleaned it up for me (THANK YOU!) and we finished picking stuff out for the party and went over to the other side of the store looking for some cards for Sue.

Now Alex is quite a personality to say the least, and right now, being two, he keeps us quite entertained and on our toes to say the least. We were standing there, as Sue was looking at the wall of cards hanging in front of her, I was lovingly scratching Honey on the chin, as she'd been in and out of the car, harness on and off, in and out of aisles and of course when she'd lay down and just as she'd get settled, I'd tell her to get up, plus she just was seeming a little off key after having gotten sick too. So was loving on her to let her know she was doing a good job. Mind you, since being home, we have talked with all three kids and particularly Alex, that while Honey has her harness on, we are NOT to pet her, that she is working. So Alex is sitting there in the cart, I'm petting/loving on Honey and next thing you know, he looks at me and in this stern voice says, "Mommy! You don't pet Honey! She has her harness on! She's Working!" So this sheepish mama, had to eat her words, told him he was right and ok, quit the petting. Grandma, on the other hand is biting her lip trying to keep from busting up laughing! So Sue found her cards and we headed on out into the blasting wind and nasty cold rain. Alex then announced he was hungry, so we headed on over to On The Border for lunch.

We went in and were seated at a booth and Honey got a much needed break and nap. :) She was nestled under our feet, as we ate yummy mexican. :) Alex had a cheese quesadilla and fries, while I had a combo meal, with a beef enchilada, a pork tamale, and a chicken empanada. all VERY yummy! I think Alex liked the chocolate covered sundae he got for dessert best. LOL! After we left from there, we headed back to the house for an hour until it was time to take Honey for her meet and greet appointment with the vet.

We get to the vet's office and went back to the exam room. Honey was weighed and had her temp taken. We gave them all the paperwork to make copies of for thier records and such. She weighed in at 51.5 pounds, the vet said she looks nice and lean, a couple more pounds won't hurt her, but no more than that, she's at a really good weight right now. We picked up Sue's two papillons, who'd had thier teeth cleaned that day too and then headed up to pick up Meaghan from preschool. Since we were leaving the vet later than planned, we called Grandpa and he met Katie at the bus stop. So we get back to the house, everyone unloads and settles in for the night. The kids and I ate dinner and took it easy as Mike was doing some work for the evening.

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