Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Great Banquet Meeting day! :) part 2

So yesterday, Katie just had a rough all around. She missed her bus in the morning. ugh. I was able to call the school quickly and the bus came back around and picked her up. But we almost missed it this morning too with the clock saying we had 5 minutes until the bus was to come. So either the clock got bumped or the batteries are going dead in it. Either way, I'm changing the batteries and have adjusted the time! Hopefully we don't have a repeat tomorrow!

Alex and I had a pretty good day yesterday, as I worked on various things, paid bills and such. We still have quite a few things to get put away and clean up, as it seems it never fails that by the end of the evening there are spots everywhere that needs cleaned up. It was super foggy all day yesterday and actually still is this morning too, though not as bad. Crazy weather I tell you. It's to be up to the 50's (I think) today.

I just got the picture of Honey in her bean bag bed downloaded: Can we say SPOILED!!! LOL!

So Katie got home from school yesterday and pulls out her homework. This year, they are giving them timelines to complete stuff and trying to teach them to be self starters, which is really good. So Katie got this chapter book to read and a booklet thing that she has to complete 2 chapters, a set of questions, and another thing on this each week. But Katie is so used to everyone telling her when to do it and what, and with the addt'l fact that she didn't like doing these questions, so she's not been doing them. She comes home last night with this folder and she's 3 1/2 wks behind on this work... She proceeds to tell me that she's supposed to be working on this in reader workshop, but since her reading teacher hadn't specifically TOLD her to do it, she's been reading other books instead, because she doesn't like doing the questions.

Ok, let's just say Mike and I are NOT happy. He came home and we had a LONG talk with Katie and asked her why, even though instructions told her that by X date questions for chapters Y & Z were to be completed and so forth why she hadn't done them. You know the answer... "I don't know". Then we asked too, why she hasn't been bringing them home. Since she knows full well and even told us, that it's to be done at school and if it's not, then it's supposed to be finished at home. Well, this is the FIRST time we've seen this folder and project, which she received this project on January 9th....

So needless to say, Katie lost her priveleges to go to Grandma and Grandpa's this week and the invitation from Uncle Mike to go to the basketball game on Thursday night is in question at the moment. We are thinking she'll be able to go though, as she did make really good progress last night, getting almost through the chapter 4 questions by the time she left for school this morning. She just has 4 more chapters that are supposed to be done by tomorrow... She WILL be caught up by the weekend though. Ah the joys of parenting... LOL!

So today I need to get a few things done, updating this blog was one of them. :) We have Honey's baseline/meet and greet with the new vet appointment tomorrow afternoon. :)

So I'd better get off here and get moving! Later!

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